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Brad Pitt will be the Boy No.1 for Chanel No. 5!

After Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard and Lauren Hutton, Chanel has turned to the hottest man alive to endorse their signature perfume. One of the most popular perfume brands, Chanel No.5 has roped..

Chanel Las Vegas de Chanel shimmers in gold

The idea of themed make-up kits is always exciting. Just as M.A.C launched the Hey Sailor smart and sexy Makeup Collection, Chanel is making a new statement with its Las Vegas de..

Chanel Half Moon Nails spells Classiness

Every fashionista knows how important to keep those well-shaped nails manicured and polished prim at all times. One could choose from various manicures or nail art to suit their personality. Many celebrities..