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Little R2-D2 Painted Baby Bump is Here

Stefaney Giordano’s love for R2-D2 is definitely one of the worlds greatest sci-fi love stories. Why? How many pregnant bellies sport a painted R2-D2? Women have been painting their pregnant bellies for..

R2-D2 Measuring Cups Are Uber Cool

One thing is for sure, after you get the r2-d2 measuring cups your kitchen scenario will change forever. Not only will it be a lot more fun with you cooking and baking..

The R2D2 Tunic: Nerdy comfort at its best

We love R2D2. We love everything the adorable droid did in the movies and we love everything that it has inspired over the years – be it this Hoodie from Mad Engine..

Star Wars R2D2 Smart Safe provides geeky security

Now you can trust your favorite Droid R2D2 with your valuables too. This beautifully crafted case will keep your belongings safe with this Smartphone controlled safe. Integrating seamlessly with your Android or..