Ebay launches Mac Shopping App that requires no web browser

Shoppers will be excited to know that eBay have today introduced an interesting new application to the US Mac App Store. What this means that you can browser and purchase items on eBay without needing to boot up an internet browser. It is only limited to browsing however, as there is no option for selling yet, but you can expect features that let you search for faster results, create Saved Searches to catch all the new items matching your wish list, and stay on top of eBay’s Daily Deals. You can buy to your heart’s content through this app without the need of a web browser. I’m sure a selling feature will pop up soon enough too. This is a nifty item for consumers who are addicted to shopping! The app is free for those in the US.



  1. Anonymous says:

    this really is a good news and we can buy things online much easier…

  2. Anonymous says:

    EBay tries all means to get users buy things on its website.