Chevrolet Camaro gets an unsightly Hello Kitty makeover

Not everything Hello Kitty can be cute. I can understand the toys , dresses and shoes but randomly pasting Hello Kitty stickers on your car is not cool. Take an example of this Hello Kitty Camaro. While we understand the Japanese feline looks cute on a Mitsubishi Mirage, but changing a muscular Camaro into a Hello Kitty wonder with eyelashes is not happening. The car, which is apparently from Dubai, is a black GM-built musclecar that got a pair of pink stripes across its hood and top, Hello Kitty writing on the side mirrors and huge Hello Kitty-themed decals on its doors. While, we expect some Gold plated models in Dubai, this chap has decided to put a pink bowtie badge on the front grille and a couple of pink eyelashes above the headlamps.

Maybe it’s a joke or someone actually loves Hello kitty so much, that they have transformed their boyfriend’s car too! Anything to show love for Hello Kitty right?

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