Couple in China use Pink Mercedes SLS as a wedding car

It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are before you are engaged – calm, cool, practical – everything changes as soon as that ring is on your finger. Brides are notoriously well known to become control freaks around their wedding. You want everything to be just perfect. However, if you are anything like me, it will be the really small things that matter. Like what car I leave in after I am married! This awesome couple from China did it exactly like I would like. This sweet couple in Shanghai used a very very pink Mercedes-Benz SLS as their wedding car. While details about the wedding, like who the couple are, what they do and what was the thought process behind this car, are still unavailable, we can say that we really really love it! I would get myself one of these in a jiffy; and not just for my wedding. Hint: There’s a Velentine’s Day gift hidden in the above words.

The Pink Mercedes SLS used as a wedding car by a couple in China just brings to mind the many possibilities to make ones wedding day special. Watch this space for more news on this fun couple.

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