Homer Simpsons Dream Car is now a reality!


If a Hello Kitty Car is no longer an astonishing element for you, then check out the detailed Homer Simpsons Dream Car. One of my favorite episodes from The Simpsons is when Homer gets to design a car “for the average man,” and ends up creating a slime-green monstrosity that bankrupts his half-brother’s company. A team of automotive designers in San Diego loved that episode so much, that they actually created have recreated Homer’s dream car in painstaking detail, gigantic cupholders and all. And, I am sure they would love to visit the Simpsons Theme Park in Orlando in this car! Well, who wouldn’t, the car has all the details dialed in including the metal bowler hood ornament, bubble dome out back for the fighting kids (complete with Bart and Lisa Simpson models), and is even equipped with the La Cacuracha horn.

The Homer car set to debut at the upcoming 24 Hours of LeMons race. Thanks to all these inspired details, The Homer costs $82,000 and ultimately ruins Herb’s company in the show. We wonder how much did this wonder cost in reality?

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