Fiat 500 in the U.S. by 2010

The market for the mini-cars is budding as Smart ForTwo and Chevy treads into it gloriously. Fiat too is considering the same path as it plans to unveil its little bundle of..

Smart ForTwo starts at $12,000

“Would you like to reserve your very own new Smart Fortwo?” This is exactly what we had penned down last month. Here’s your take! A registration page has been set up that..

Grass Mat on Renault’s Dash

We women need to carry so many things with us when we travel that managing them is a major issue. I need my lipstick, gloss, iPod, cell phone (I can’t function without..

BMW 1-Series three-door is fairly modish

Not all of us would appreciate driving a very girlie car. Nor a very mannish, heavily built car is appreciated either. I guess the BMW 1-Series three-door is the ultimate balance involving..