Hello Kitty Scooter

Today the Hello Kitty name appears on everything form women’s hand bags to men’s neck-ties…from cells, laptops, LCDs, MP3s, toasters to a exhaust pipe on a car! The appeal of this character..

Volkswagen Beetle Barbie debuts in Mexico

Anything that is associated with Barbie is either meant for the little lasses or for hardcore collectors. This new car will definitely become a collector’s item in the future. Many years from..

Automobile monitor for safer journeys

I never had the luxury of a hassle free drive when my kids were young, but you new moms and dads are far luckier than I was. Summer Infant has come out..

Edition Red via Smart ForTwo

Red is forever the color of the season for all Gals. Guys too enjoy splurging on this color cause it symbolizes passion! A sizzling sexy red sporty car is just what you..

Alfa to target Mini with new compact car

Hitherto, Mini has just started rolling on the streets and Alfa gears up to compete with it. Just we gals can’t stand anyone superior to us reigning our territory, Alpha Romeo is..

2007 Mini Cooper

Hey girls if you are the kinds who absolutely love going for long drives but have boyfriends who just cant part with their SUV’s which you obviously resent, then why not take..

Full throttle with woman bikers!

Now this is one hell of a booster for the women at least. Forget flowers and face cream. What do women want? More frequently, the answer is a motorcycle. Legions of women..

PUCCA motorcycle for girls

‘Pu-pu-pu-pu-Puuccaaaa, Pu-pu-pu-puucaa, Funny Love, Pu Pu…’ goes the theme song of this favorite cartoon character Pucca. As for the latest Pucca scooter(with Pucca printed all over it), it is certainly going to..