Swarovski Studded SUV for Glitzy young women


This is the most striking Swarovski encrusted objects of all that we have come across! After head phones, accessories and the jewelry of course, women’s best friend “Swarovski” diamonds have another place to spread their charisma. We bet that no girl can resist from falling for someone who will possess this Swarovski studded SUV. Jewelry Company Burkitt & Burkitt have dropped in one-sixth models of various Crystal-covered cars!!! Well all the guys claiming to bring down the stars and moon for their gals might have to be more careful with their words, as these cars will make galaxy occupants pale.

The recently previewed MINI model boasts of 35,000 splendid Swarovski crystals and that too individually placed by hand. The company is currently hunting for sponsors and investors which help them to bring their glittering creations on the road.

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