The Maserati Grancabrio mug is a must-have for all luxury sports car fans

People who love their cars understand that to them, it is a bond that is beyond just that of man and his machine. When you own a Maserati, you love your car as if it is your own child! Just as you would keep photos and other keepsakes of your children, your car deserves the same honor. The Grancabrio mug is from the Maserati mug collection is about as sexy as the real thing. Even if you don’t already have a Maserati, these mugs are a great motivator to keep you working those long hours – one day you will have your dream car! This white ceramic mug sports a GranCabrio in a classic pose with the hood down. The word Maserati and the world-famous trident logo are also printed on these stylish mugs. They have a classic cylindrical shape. These are so durable, that they can be used on an everyday basis, and even stick in the microwave, without it damaging the print.

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The Grancabrio mug is from the Maserati mug collection measures 80 mm in diameter and 95 mm in height. The other mugs in the collection include the “GranCabrio Sport,” “Quattroporte Sport GT S”, “GranTurismo S”, “GranTurismo MC Stradale”, and the “Maserati Range” which includes all the cars in the range. This must-have Grancabrio mug retails for $19.

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