5 Best Enterprise Password Management Solutions

A password management solution is a computer program that allows you to store, manage, and generate passwords for business or personal use for online services. A password management solution will help retrieve and generate complex passwords and store passwords in an encrypted database.

There are many password management solutions to choose from, so it’s essential to look for password managers that rank high insecurity, easy setup and onboarding, administration controls, features, and values.

. High Security – look for password managers that offer high-security features, such as two-factor authentication and extra-strength encryption.

. Easy Setup and Onboarding – you will want password managers who can easily install or offer specialists to install software on your business’s systems.

. Administration Controls – look for a password manager that allows your admin controls, so you can see how employees are managing their passwords and ensure they are following the proper security practices.

. Features – consider a password manager solution with a wide array of basic password management features, such as auto-saving and auto-login, and advanced features, such as login security audits and secure password sharing.

. Value – a right password manager solution is not cheap, but it needs to have value for its price.

Below are the five best enterprise password management solutions to consider for your business:

1. Dashlane
Dashlane has a lot to offer both small and large businesses for securing their password needs, including a wide range of features, an intuitive employee dashboard, well built, easy-to-use administration control.

Dashlane is a cross-platform subscription-based password manager that uses a freemium pricing model, including a free tier and premium subscription. One business plan at Dashlane includes:

. Dark web monitoring
. Two-factor authentication
. SSO options
. Secure password sharing
. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
. Active Directory integration
. Remote account deletion
. Advanced security reports
. And more

Dashlane is more pricey than other password managers, but its ease of use and extra features make it worth the fee, plus the business plan offered is free for a 30-day trial.

2. Keeper
Keeper is a very innate and secure password management solution with many advanced integrations and administrative customization options. Keeper also offers an encrypted messenger app called KeeperChat, which makes communication between colleagues safe and convenient.
Keeper has two business plans, including password vault enterprise and keeper business. Both methods offer the same options in ending user futures, but the enterprise offers more SSO options, AD integration, and advanced two-factor authentication. The other variety of features you can get with Keeper include:

. Advanced security policies
. Administration dashboard
. Dark web monitoring
. Lots of two-factor authentication options
Keeper enterprise works well for larger companies, and the business plan is suited for smaller businesses. Expect a 30-day free trial with both programs.

3. 1Password
1Password has a wide range of features and is easy to use. 1Password is secure and comes with features for both team members and admins, including advanced two-factor authentication, dark web monitoring, and secure password sharing.

1Password is a password management solution that allows users to store different passwords, sensitive information in a locked virtual vault, and software licenses. Other services include:

. Administration control panel
. Advanced two-factor authentication
. Password vaults
. Active Directory integration
. Customizable security settings
. Dark web monitoring
. SSO options

1Password offers users three business plans to choose from, and you can test them all with a 14-day free trial.

4. LastPass
LastPass has an intuitive administration dashboard interface. LastPass is a freemium password management solution that stores encrypted passwords online. LastPass also includes various admin tools, such as:

. Geofencing login policies
. Advanced multi-factor authentication options
. Dark web monitoring
. Easy to set security policies
. Virtual Private Network integration options

LastPass offers various plans for companies of all sizes and a 30-day trial for all of them.

5. PassCamp
PassCamp is a user-friendly password management solution that allows businesses to store, generate and share passwords amongst the team securely. PassCamp has the following password manager essentials:

. Guest access
. Secure password sharing
. Organization tags

PassCamp offers two business plans, such as a customizable Enterprise plan, and each plan comes with a 14-day free trial.