5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Rolex Watch

Your heart’s set on purchasing a Rolex. Now it’s time to think about what you want to get out of the purchase. Choosing to ask yourself a few basic questions first will make it all the easier to evaluate the range of Rolex watches for sale and settle on the one that’s right for you.

Everyday or Special Occasions Only?
One of the first points to settle is how and when you will wear the watch. Perhaps the plan is to invest in a Rolex that you will wear on a daily basis. If so, you want to focus on lines and designs that look equally well in a number of settings.

It could also be that you are looking for a watch that will only be worn on special occasions. Since those are likely to include formal dress, the goal may be to look at designs that are more ornate. You’ll find a number of Rolex designs that make tasteful use of diamonds and other precious stones to help add another layer of elegance.

Do You See the Watch as an Investment?
Some people purchase Rolex watches as investment only. They have no real plans to wear them except for a rare outing. In fact, the watches are good investments that tend to appreciate in value as the years pass. This can be a great addition to the legacy that you plan on passing on to the next generation. It can also be a great way strategy for buying something now that you can sell at a profit later on.

Others may see their watches as primarily something they wear but also as an investment. In this scenario, you may wear your watch frequently while also ensuring it remains in pristine condition. You may still sell it at some point in the future, or it may be one of the assets that you bequeath to an heir in your will. In the meantime, you plan on enjoying the watch whenever possible.

What Features Must Be Included?
The features that you want in your Rolex will depend on when and how often you plan on wearing it. Along with keeping an accurate time, you may like the idea of a watch that allows you to monitor more than one time zone. Perhaps you prefer a leather band to a steel bracelet. It could be that a watch with a higher rate of water resistance would be good for you.

Make a list of features that you consider to be essential. Augment it with a list of features that you would like, but don’t consider deal-breakers. The two lists combined will help you narrow the range of choices to watches that are most likely to appeal to your tastes.

New or Previously Owned?
Are you looking to purchase a new Rolex, or would a vintage model work well for you? There’s a lot to be said for both options. With the most recent options, you have a combination of the long tradition of quality Rolex offers and the latest innovations that the company has chosen to include. That means a watch that’s sure to serve you well.
If you like the idea of a vintage watch, there are plenty of excellent choices out there. The quality is evident in the fact that they continue to operate perfectly. If there is a design from a previous era that you like in particular, feel free to explore that option.

Have You Found a Reputable Dealer?
Where you purchase your Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 is just as important as the features that you have in mind. That’s because there are come clever fakes on the market today. One of the best ways to avoid them is by only working with an authorized Rolex dealer.

You’ll find that all watches offered through this type of dealer are authenticated and come with official documents. Given the fact that some imitations are hard to detect, going to a reputable dealer protects you from ending up with something that’s not everything you thought.

Take your time and be prepared to look at several Rolex watches before making a choice. Doing so allows you to determine if some other feature would be nice to add to those you already want. It also increases the odds of finding a watch that you will be proud to own for many years to come.