5 ways to keep that spark alive in your relationship

Life has a way of chipping away at a relationship, the demands and the routine of daily life can have a way of dulling the romance and dimming the spark. If you don’t want the fire to die down you got to keep blowing at the flames. Spend time with each other, make your partner feel special, use your time together to make deeper connections, do little things that say a lot specially when they are least expected.

Flowers and romance are inseparable. What better way than beautiful bouquet of fresh, exotic flowers to show your feelings to your loved one. Words are really not necessary as your flowers will do the talking. It is rare to find a person who does not respond to flowers, especially not in the Big Apple which has an excellent service for rose delivery in New York.

Another no brainer and the way to many a hearts. Rich, scrumptious chocolate that just melts in your mouth can be absolutely blissful if your special someone is a chocolate lover. You are sure to melt his heart with this gift. Chocolates and caviar, chocolates and strawberries are know to be the most delicious aphrodisiacs that can give your evening an interesting twist. Imagine receiving your favourite chocolates beautifully wrapped and a small note to tell you how much you are loved, a sure shot way to get you floating on Cloud no 9.

Dinner dates are a big part of romance and love. Just you and your special someone for who your heart skips a beat. Take time out of your routine and schedule and dedicate it to yourself and your lover. Be it a swanky restaurant, or a small cozy place tucked away on a quiet street, or a dinner set up on the beach with the waves rushing up to you, or a dinner set up at home with candles and wine with you having cooked your partner’s favourite dishes, it just doesn’t matter. A dinner date is just another way to declare your love. To let the other person know how special he/she is and what they mean to you. It can be fun, expensive, cheap, adventurous or quiet, its just about spending quality time together and basking in the warm glow of love on a night out.

What better way than a getaway to spend time with each other every waking hour? Plan your dream getaway, take off on a trip with your partner to the sea or head for the hills or spend a weekend at a vineyard or just about anywhere you both would like to be. There is no dearth of places that you can escape to and make your weekend special.

The ultimate gift to celebrate a special moment or occasion is a chilled bottle of bubbly. An uber fancy bottle of champagne, delicate flutes to sip it in, a beautiful cooler to keep it chilled and the perfect company, what more can you ask for?
These little gestures are sure to bring a smile on the face of your loved one and they do say more than I Love You.

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