5 Ways to Tweak Casual Tops and Create Luxe Looks

While rocking a designer ensemble you’ve seen on the runway is every fashionista’s dream, it’s not always feasible. Whether being limited by cost or practicality, magazine spreads don’t always translate perfectly to every day life. However, there’s no reason you can’t adapt some classic basics, such as casual tees, in order to achieve a luxe look. In fact, casual shirts are some of the most versatile garments you’ll come across. Here are a few ideas on how to take your casual tee up a few notches into couture ready.

1. Get Patterned
If you’re tired of solid colors, go for some patterns. uaplg carries a wide range of women’s bags and sneakers that come in a variety of colors and styles. If you want to stick to a plain tee, then avoid the cutout tops and other elaborate designs, and opt for stripes or some other kind of pattern. By sticking to a basic shape, but getting adventurous in the fabric, you can make your look go from boring and basic to unique and fashion forward. Another great part of focusing on pattern instead of structure is the fact that you can purchase more tops, rather than simply spending all your funds on a single garment. You’ll get longevity out of a simple tee as long as it’s made of a durable fabric. Stocking your closet with basics will also ensure that you have a very large palette to draw from. If you’re someone who likes to change up your look on a regular basis, then learning how to make your basics into high style pieces is a useful skill to hone.

2. Layer it On
Vogue India recommends that you can switch from professional to a party look by changing your jacket and top, such as exchanging a button-down and blazer for a basic striped tee and biker jacket. Everything else can stay the same. This is also a great way to use all staple pieces in your wardrobe. The old adage “waste not, want not” applies to your closet, too. This is also an extremely effective way to take your look effortlessly from day to night without much effort.

3. Pair Trendy Elements with the Basics
New Woman highlights the trend of sheer fabric, recommending that this style element can be worn for everyday practical use by exposing appropriate parts of the body, such as shoulders, arms, and midriff. The magazine suggests pairing a sheer maxi skirt with a cotton tee for maximum fashion impact. Whether you want to find a tee that includes a sheer panel, or if you want to pair other more elaborate, trendy garments, it creates an excellent basic that goes with almost anything.

4. Structure It to Style It
Basic tees and tops can be dramatically transformed by what you wear on the bottom. For example, Vogue India suggests making like a celebrity and pairing a formal pencil skirt with a tucked in basic top, creating an eye-catching contrast of unexpected styles. This also allows you to overload on accessories if you’re an embellishments fan, such as pairing up on multiple chunky necklaces, incorporating bright statement bags, or being able to easily transform an outfit with a simple blazer or jacket. Putting a simple tee together with a pencil skirt versus a maxi skirt makes a completely different style statement.

5. Taking Accessories to the Next Level
One of the latest and most striking developments in jewelry design is the openwork watch. Elle India highlights these unique accessories, citing the beauty of framework and diamond features, and it creates a statement when added to any outfit. Be edgy on the wrist, and stay basic on the rest. You can have the same effect with vintage jewelry whether you’re rocking chunky costume earrings or other types of rhinestone items. The idea to draw the eye to the right place, and that’s usually the neck, ears, and wrist. If you’re going to don a basic tee and still want to make a style statement, don’t wear understated accessories with the outfit. Even if you don’t want to go ultra-chunky, at least opt for something a little offbeat. This will set you apart as a person with true style.

Not only are transforming casual items of clothing a fun challenge, but it’s also very cost effective. Loading your closet with basic staples like casual tees leaves you with a wealth of different options to draw from. If you start to get bored of solids, change it up with a pattern. Pair jackets and layer on vintage jewelry. Don’t think of the tee as an actual item of clothing by itself, but rather something to be paired to enhance more interesting garments. There’s no reason you need a couture tee when you’re already rocking an eye-catching vintage jacket. Shop online for a wide variety of basics, and keep the elaborate statement pieces in mind for the shop.

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