7 Awesome Types Of Games You Never Knew Your Smartphone Supports

Did you know that any Smartphone today is more powerful that a PC 10 years ago? You carry immense calculative power in your pocket. Heck, your handheld device has more juice than NASA computers back in the day when we launched Armstrong to the moon.

Sure enough you can play a few serious titles on it aside the casual Flappy Bird or Angry Birds. Christ, what’s going on between the birds and top mobile developers?

To make the long story short – what are the coolest games 80es kids could only dream of while mashing the buttons of their game boy and you can play today?

Real money games
Yep, you have a casino built into your Smartphone. UK online casinos are widely present in the realm of mobile with fun titles and apps like slot machines or roulette tables. The funfest part is that you don’t even have to invest any cash in. Most entertainment providers grant you with a delightful amount of free bonuses upon registration.

RTS games
Real time strategies are rocking the digital market right now. Clash of Clans rip-offs are already as far from mainstream as things get. Who wants to wait for a couple of hours just to build the next level castle? Luckily those days are far gone as witty developers, enforced with speedy internet connections have come up with a better way – real time gameplay of quick matches.

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MOBA games
Dota2 and League of Legends lookalikes are fairly present on both the Play Market and the App store. You can now compete against real people online from your Smartphone.
That’s kind of cool because you get all of the addictive features and a fun gameplay without a group of salty kids in the chat who complain about your mom’s cooking skills. Why? Because chats are barely noticeable and people can’t pay as much attention to them while playing on a Smartphone screen.

Virtual Reality
Yes, you’ve heard it right. A phone and an inexpensive headset like Google Cardboard open up the doors to an entirely new reality. You can now stroll carefully through spooky haunted mansions, enjoy advanced rollercoaster rides and even explore the depth of space without leaving the comfort of your own living room.
Do note that VR titles are not something you can play on the go, so make sure you are tucked in cozy in a place where you can’t harm yourself and/or others. Texting and driving is one thing, but driving and playing a VR game is a definite suicide.

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