7 Proven Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Away

Our home is our retreat from the rest of the world. It’s a nest that we build where we can feel peaceful and comfortable. If someone invades that space it can take away your sense of security and make your home feel like less of a safe haven.
Burglars and hackers are everywhere, but there are a number of proven ways you can keep them a safe distance from your home.

Always Secure Your Doors and Windows
Failing to lock a door or window is like sending burglars an invitation. FBI statistics show that 33.2% of burglaries don’t involve forcible entry. Burglars simply find a window or door that’s unlocked and walk right inside. If you’re the forgetful type, invest in smart door locks that can be controlled remotely.

Install a Smart Alarm System
One of the biggest burglar deterrents is an alarm system. Simply having a security sign in your yard or around the front door is enough of a warning to scare off many criminals.

Tech-focused companies like Alarm Relay give homeowners affordable options for protecting their home no matter where they are. Today’s smart home security systems provide a variety of connected devices that deliver 24/7 monitoring. If anything out of the ordinary happens the alarms will go off and you’ll receive an alert on your phone. Cameras that stream video online also offer assurance that even if there’s a break-in the perpetrator will be identified.

Turn on the Porch Light
Always keeping the porch light on serves to important purposes. For starters, having the porch light on makes it look like someone is home. Second, makes it difficult for burglars to hide what they’re doing if they intend to enter through the front door.

Put Interior Lights on an Automatic Schedule
But how are homeowners supposed to turn on the porch light if they aren’t at home? There’s an app for that – actually there are many apps and corresponding products that allow you to remotely control your lighting. Smart bulbs work just like regular ones, but they have a mechanism inside that allows them to connect to your Wi-Fi. You can put lights on a schedule so every evening they come on at the same time.

Protect Wi-Fi Connections
Some criminals don’t have to enter your home to rob you. Instead they tap into your Internet to steal personal information, which can be even worse. Hackers want to get into websites and accounts so they can gain credit card information as well as a person’s identity. Hacks are becoming a bigger problem, but there are ways you can protect your Wi-Fi connections.
· Always use password protection.
· Make the username and password something that’s totally random and includes special characters.
· Activate the encryption feature on your router.
· Turn off guest networks.
· Use a virtual private network (VPN), especially if you work from home.
· Be very careful who you share your password with and who you let access your Wi-Fi.
· Use security software that provides alerts.
· Create a unique network name that doesn’t reveal the brand of your router.

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Use Window Treatments Strategically
Burglars like to case an area or home before they strike. That way they know the reward is worth the risk. How do burglars know which house to hit? Sometimes, they’re a friend of a friend or acquaintance that has already been inside. Other times thieves will peek in windows to find out what’s inside. The simple fix – window treatments.
Like light bulbs, there are now smart window treatments that can be connected to your Wi-Fi. You can program them to open and close at specific times so windows are covered while you’re away from home.

Use a Safe
On average, burglaries only last 8-12 minutes. It’s a grab and go operation. Burglars hit certain spots around the home grabbing things as they move from one room to the next. If you make it difficult to take expensive items they’re less likely to get stolen.
A safe is very effective as thwarting thieves as long as it can’t easily be picked up and taken as well. Safes can either be installed into a wall, secured to the flooring or hidden so no one ever knows they’re there. Once the safe is in place fill it with expensive jewelry, money, keys and any guns that are in the home.

Using a safe is also smart if you frequently host houseguests and parties. Unfortunately, some people who are invited over will look for small items like prescription meds and jewelry that’s easy to pocket.

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