Blind Dating: Tips and Tricks

The concept of blind dating has changed over recent decades. Earlier, your friends would set you up on a date and it was a purely “blind” date since you knew nothing about that person. Today, with a variety of dating apps and social media, you choose with whom to go out. You meet a person online, you chat, get to know each other, and then go on a real date. Since you’ve never seen that guy in person, your date is considered blind.

Every girl should go on a blind date at least once in her life because this is a valuable and unique experience. We usually think that the aim of any date is to enter into a relationship with a particular man. This very stereotype often prevents us from enjoying our blind dates since we put much emphasis on its significance. What we should do is to view a blind date as an exciting adventure, acquaintance with a new interesting man, and an opportunity to train your charm. Don’t take it too seriously and try to enjoy the process. Dating experts from the website focused on Russian girls dating prepared some tips on how to get ready for your blind date and how to behave during it.

Clothes and Makeup
When picking attire for such an important event, choose in favor of a light dress or a skirt. Avoid too revealing outfits, slinky open dresses, and mini. Wear comfortable clothes that will accentuate your figure and make you look womanly. As to makeup, it should be moderate – mascara, powder, a bit of rouge, and a lipstick. Make sure your makeup is neat because smeared mascara under your eyes or red lipstick on your teeth will never make a good impression on your date.

People are different and no matter how long you’ve been corresponding online, you can’t be 100% sure your interlocutor is a decent person. Therefore, the main rule of blind dating is to arrange the first date in a public place where there are a lot of people around you and preferably during the daytime. There are several reasons for that. First, it’s easier to flee in case something went wrong. Second, you’ll see your date in social situations, assess his behavior, attitude to others, manners, and generosity. It’s also important to tell your friends that you’re going on a date, tell them the exact place, and remember to charge your phone. These are basic safety measures that shouldn’t be ignored.

Don’t make any plans and try to keep your expectations low. It’s a lottery: you can win a jackpot (in case your date turns out to be a great guy) or simply waste your time. Keep in mind that both of you will be nervous, so don’t make hasty conclusions. Wait until the middle of the date when you get relatively comfortable. Tune your mind to the positive and be ready to have fun. Be excited about meeting a new person.

What is the most important part of any date? Yes, a quality and meaningful conversation that will involve both of you. But when you see a person for the first time, it can be pretty hard to strike up an easy and unstrained conversation. That is why it’s recommended to prepare several general topics that will help you warm up and become more open. One of the most common mistakes is that a person wants to appear better than he or she is and starts telling made-up stories. Don’t pretend. If your date will end successfully and you’ll start dating regularly, you’ll have to reveal the truth and will cause disappointment.

Why Blind Dating Is Good for You
The more people you meet, the better. You learn how to behave on romantic dates, you find out what qualities you value in men, and as a result, become more confident when dealing with the opposite sex.

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