Car Dealer Chat Revolutionizes Your Customer Conversations

How do customer conversations go at your car dealership? There is no more important issue facing lead-driven businesses today than changing your customer conversations. Consumers have never had more information at their fingertips and they’re tired of being sold to. It’s up to car dealers to adapt and change the way they interact with consumers if they want to thrive in the future.

Every time you answer the phone or an email, that’s part of the customer conversation. Your dealership needs to be on-brand in all of its interactions, not just during deliberate marketing campaigns like newsletters and follow-up calls. When someone calls your dealership and asks if you have a model you don’t carry, the right way to start a customer conversation is to make a suggestion, ask what they’re looking for, and see if there’s anyway you can help.

One of the perks of a car dealer chat like Gubagoo is that they also offer overflow and off-hours call services. Your phone will never go unanswered, and customer queries will be handled by people with instant access to your inventory and custom marketing campaigns designed around your business. Overflow call service and better in-bound lead management are central to your strategy for improving customer conversations. Don’t discount phone calls in the digital era; the push-to-call feature has made it easier than ever to go from mobile browsing to a phone call, and it’s driving in-bound call numbers up.

The real difference car dealer chat makes is online, and that’s where customers are headed. Over half of a car buyer’s time is spent online, and 6 out of 10 car buyers are considering multiple vehicle options when they begin their search. The earlier you connect to customers online, the better chance you have of converting in the long term, and that’s where car dealer chat comes into play.

The biggest form of initial contact with a dealer remains walking onto the lot, with phone calls coming up close behind. Text, social media, and car dealer chat are all growing rapidly. Car dealer chat targets a much earlier stage in the buying process, and text and social media marketing are fully integrated into solutions like Gubagoo already. With car buyers today visiting on average less than two dealerships, you need to reach customers earlier and convince them to visit you over your competitors.

An effective car dealer chat is active, incorporates behavioral intelligence, and it hybridizes fully managed chat with dealer chat. A car dealer chat managed from a call center can use a behavioral intelligence system to rank and score visitors to your website. The system informs car dealer chat operators when a web visitor seems like a serious customer, so that the operator knows to initiate conversation. Better car dealer chat solutions also incorporate an app that allows your dealership sales team to follow the conversation, join, or provide insights to the operator. You can find more information at about apps that put car dealer chat in your sales teams’ hands.

A better customer conversation starts with a connection before it dishes out the content. Car buyers don’t want to be sold to, they want to be helped. You can start changing the conversation by bringing in a car dealer chat tailored to your customer conversations.

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