A Custom Lightsaber Helps Kids of All Ages Celebrate Star War’s 40th Anniversary

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the release of the first film in the iconic Star Wars Series. While it was originally broadcast under the title of Star Wars, fans and movie buffs now officially refer to this particular film as Episode IV: A New Hope.

After All These Years the Force is Strong in this One
After 40 years and 11 films, the franchise remains wildly popular with children, teens and adults around the world. Folks continue to collect Star Wars action figures, toys and memorabilia. Favorite quotes and sayings from the films have made their way into our everyday speech. Others continue to dress up and role play as their favorite Star Wars characters. Regardless of age, whether or not it’s Halloween, or time for Cosplay at a Star Wars Convention, it’s always a good time to dress up as your favorite Star Wars character!

“I’m Luke Skywalker? I’m here to rescue you!”
Many adults today remember how much fun they had as children role playing with their friends as their favorite Star Wars characters. They also likely remember just how difficult it was to find the right materials and props to be able to create realistic Star Wars themed costumes. Poor imitations can make it difficult to have believable and exciting adventures in the Star Wars Universe!

Back then, most would be Jedi Knights and Sith Lords had to settle for flimsy, spray painted, molded foam or plastic weapons in order to complete their look. It’s hard to respect the power of the Force when you don’t look the part.

While the popularity of the film series makes acting out scenes from Star Wars films a fun activity for children, teens, and adults today, advances in technology have made it much easier to find just the right items to create believable outfits, which dramatically improves game play.

Embracing the Force
Today, specialty artisans such as Ultrasabers offer finely detailed lightsabers inspired by Star Wars equipment such as the iconic swords of light. Now it’s possible to pick up a finely crafted and highly detailed custom lightsaber complete with light beam and sounds.

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With quality equipment, it’s much easier to step into the role of a Jedi Knight like Luke Skywalker, Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi when you are wielding a reproduction that looks and sounds fully capable of dealing the final blow to Darth Vader or other minion of the Dark Side.

Make Certain You Have a Costume that’s Ready to Play!
For several years, Star Wars fans have relied on the social aspects of mobile games like Star Wars: Commander to be able to overcome the limitations in finding the proper gear. Rather than meeting up in person with a poor quality costume that could distract from play, these fans socialize and compete with one another virtually in the Star Wars Universe.

While these types of games are likely to remain popular for quite some time to come, this is the 40th anniversary of the franchise. There has never been a greater need to have an accurate Star Wars costume that supports role playing games.

Many conventions, contests, games, and other special events are planned to celebrate and commemorate the beginning of this enduring science fiction and fantasy saga. One of the biggest events coming up soon is the Orlando Star Wars Celebration, which is currently scheduled for April 13-16.

Top attractions at the event include a Pin Trading Program, and a Star Wars Cosplay Competition. Numerous Fan Panels and appearances by some of the actors and actresses that play the popular Star Wars characters are also planned. The key to being able to enjoy all of the fun and excitement is to be there in person.

Of course there are many additional conventions and events to commemorate the original film’s release that will occur throughout the year. This includes the expected release of the latest film in the series- Episode VIII: The Last Jedi on December 18th.

With so many opportunities to be able to meet up with like-minded Star Wars fans why not join in the fun and dress up as your favorite Star Wars hero or villain? Just try not to settle for imitations that detract from the rest of your outfit when you don’t have to!

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