Engagement Ring Styles That will Make Any Woman Smile

Deciding to propose is a big deal. It means that you’ve found the one you want to spend forever with. While you don’t have to purchase a rock the size of a glacier in order for the love of your life to accept your proposal, you want to purchase a ring that she will enjoy. After all, she’s expected to keep it on her hand for the rest of her life! Since finding rings can be challenging for guys we’ve come up with a few of the latest trends that any girl is bound to fall in love with.

Classic Bands
When looking for engagement rings, many women seem to be taking a liking to classic, elegant, petite bands. Choosing a nice band with diamond accents could be just enough subtle shimmer to make her smile.

Scalloped Pave Accents
If you’re going to choose an engagement ring she’ll love you need to have a few little accent gems to make it pop. Today’s couples seem to choose scalloped or French pave diamonds. These types of diamond accents reduce the amount of metal that is showing which give a basic band or ring a lot more shimmer, sparkle, and pizzazz.

Moissanite Stones
Though diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend, there are more women that like to be a bit more unique. Alternative stone choices like moissanite rings can make a lasting impression. Comparable to diamonds, but a lot more affordable and a little more sparkly, moissanite is a great stone choice for an engagement ring.

Nature Inspired Designs
Does your lady love nature? Or maybe she just likes being different from the rest? If so, she might enjoy an engagement ring with nature inspired designs. Ring settings with leaves, vines, and buds are highly sought after these days.

Twisted Bands
There are more women that want to step outside of the traditional box when it comes to their jewelry choices. Instead of a solid band, consider purchasing an engagement ring that has twisted or intertwining strands of metal and/or diamonds.

Halo Designs
If your soon to be fiancé loves bling, then going with a halo engagement ring is a great idea. Hal designs essentially have a traditional stone in the middle and smaller stones going around it.

Rose Gold
Yellow and white gold rings are still nice, but many women like the beauty in rose gold. Though it was a metal commonly used on vintage rings in the past, rose gold is a classic, enticing type of metal that your girlfriend would love. There are plenty of rose gold engagement rings you can choose from including those with some of the features we described above.

Two Tone
Mixing metals is another popular option for engagement rings. Though this used to be a trend for vintage ring choices, it is making a serious comeback as of late. Choosing metals like silver and rose gold, for instance, is a great way to switch things up and put a smile on her face.

Colored Gemstones
Much like the colored gemstone on Lindsay Lohan and Princess Kate, are HUGE in the engagement industry. From emeralds and rubies to amethysts and sapphires, there are plenty of choices, which can all make a great ring. You can even personalize the ring a bit further by purchasing an engagement ring with her birthstone in it.

There are a lot of options out there for you guys to choose from, so messing up is likely really hard to do. Be sure to do a little digging such as asking friends for input, checking out the type of jewelry she currently wears, and even shopping around at different jewelry stores to make the best decision. What’s really important of course is that she loves you unconditionally and wants to spend the rest of her life with you. Be that as it may, when you’re providing her with something so significant that will be worn for a lifetime, you want it to be a selection that says, “I put forth effort.” One that makes her smile.

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