Enigma iPhone Data Recovery

So many people have problems restoring lost or deleted data from their iPhones, iPads and iPods. One option available is restoring your entire device to your latest iTunes backup. But this occasionally leads to losing valuable data if you have not recently backed up your device. Enigma Recovery is an iPhone data recovery software that changes the game. It is the first software in the world to offer a complete data recovery solution.

If you have ever accidentally deleted important data from your iPhone or iPad, this ground-breaking tool can assist you. Enigma Recovery enables users to retrieve missing data from iTunes or iCloud backups on your iOS devices. Users can choose to either export or restore the data. This includes 10 different types of invaluable information such as deleted messages, recent call history, contacts, calendar items, notes, photos, videos and more!

Designed to work with the free Restore app, Enigma Recovery helps you to extract the items essential to you from your backups and push them back onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can also export data from your backups to your Mac or Windows PC. Effectively, you’ll always have your own copy of the data in various usable formats.

Even if your iPhone, iPad or iPod has been lost, stolen or damaged, this software will use your iTunes back up to find and restore important files to a new device. Recover crucial data without your phone by scanning your iTunes or iCloud backup file, if you have one available.

Protect your data
The Enigma software is the ultimate iOS data recovery solution. It has pioneered a new iPhone data recovery method that has solved issues troubling iPhone users for some time. Enigma has already recovered over 1 billion deleted items from iOS devices. You can download now on both Windows and Mac computers.

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