Finding Comfort Is Essential For Self-Care

Human beings are social creatures who thrive on soothing and comforting themselves in a myriad of ways. When things are hard or we are exhausted from yet another stressful day, we seek out those things that comfort our hearts, minds, and souls. What brings us comfort can be different based on our personalities. Sometimes, when things are extra hard, we struggle to find comfort in what we would normally turn to. We have curated a list of things that bring comfort so that you can explore new options and have a list to try if you become depressed.

A Hot Cup Of Whatever
It is amazing what a hot cup of something can do to lift our spirits. The simple act of pouring vanilla coffee syrup into your favorite java can remind you of soothing conversations with a grandparent or parent and instantly put you at ease. Hot cocoa is always a sure deal when it comes to warming up the body and bringing a smile to the face. A cup of steaming chamomile can help you de-stress from the day and prepare your body for luscious rest in the evening.

A Good Story To Take You Away
If you want to bring some extra comfort to your life, you can curl up with a favorite book. Immersing yourself in another world, time, or someone else’s life can be the perfect pick-me-up. We all need some quiet downtime and a book is the best way to get it. People will be less likely to bother you, it’s easier to ignore the phone when deep into a story, and you can enjoy taking your mind off your stressors for just a little bit. Reading is also great for the brain and keeps it active so you can combat the onset of possible future health problems.

A Rinse And A Soak
When we need comfort, sometimes the best thing we can do is head to the sanctuary that is the bathroom. A hot bubble bath can ease the muscles and allow you to take a moment to breathe. A hot shower can help you visualize a cleansing of the stress that is clinging to you. If you are experiencing debilitating depression that keeps you from doing very much, a hot shower or soak in the tub can be the best thing to help you feel just a little bit better. Even if that is the only thing you do that day!

Dining On The Best
Comfort foods are a fantastic option when you are feeling nostalgic for a person, place, or time that was a part of your life. When we become homesick, a hot dish of something mom used to make is the perfect thing to take you right back to that space. It’s no secret that some people (not just women!) love a bowl of their favorite ice cream when they are sad or angry. Many foods trigger endorphins and serotonin in our brains and that is why it feels so good to enjoy them. We certainly want to stress the importance of moderation but don’t deprive yourself to the point where you will go too far with it in defiance.

Work It Out
Have you ever had that one day where everything that could go wrong, did? We all have those days and one of the best ways to combat how it left you feeling is to work it out. Head to your garden for some “dirt therapy” and yank those weeds like they are your coworker’s heads. Take a restorative yoga to reverse the effects of the stress. Hit the gym and take a spin class to outrun your thoughts or lift some weights so that you can feel well prepared to tackle the next day. Physical exercise also releases endorphins and can help us feel much better quickly!
All of these are options that we can do with very little effort or money. Do you have a favorite way to comfort yourself? Please tell us so that we can pass on the ideas!

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