How to Have Flawless Skin as a Busy Mom

Busy moms rarely have time for the pampering skin care routines they once enjoyed pre-parenthood. But that doesn’t mean that beauty has to fall by the wayside. Instead, moms with hectic schedules should stick to fast, effective skin care products that make a difference without requiring a lot of time and effort. This guide includes the top tips and tricks for achieving flawless skin as a busy mama.
Stay Hydrated

You know that using moisturizer on your skin is important, but it’s also essential to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day. One smart solution is having a reusable water bottle that you keep handy as you go through your daily routine. In addition, you can try to start healthy hydrating habits, like pouring a glass of water for yourself every time your kiddo asks for a drink of milk. It’s a great way to remember that caring for yourself is just as important as caring for your little ones.

Pick Products That Multi-Task
Layering product upon product takes time, which is something you’re truly lacking once a baby comes into the mix. To make your skin care routine as efficient (and effective) as possible, choose skin care products from Amway that do double- or triple-duty. That will mean fewer applications and less time in front of the mirror each morning and evening.
A prime example is BB cream. With one application, you get moisture, SPF protection, and coverage. Some BB creams even include nourishment for skin, like healthy vitamins and minerals to give you a fresh glow. Other types of multi-tasking skin care products you should stock up on include hydrating body wash, exfoliating cleansers, and self-tanning body lotion.

Take Essentials On the Go
When it comes to keeping things simple on the skin care front, you’ll be much more likely to keep up with a routine if you have a few favorite products handy. Stash a few things in your purse or in the diaper bag so they’re already within reach when you have a rare free moment.
Commuting on the way to work? Use the time to spruce up your makeup or apply a moisturizing face mist. Kids happily frolicking on the playground? Whip out your favorite moisturizer to get your skin glowing or use a couple oil-absorbing sheets to dab away that shiny look. Making the most of these free minutes is the key for busy moms who want to stay on top of their skin care.

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Zap Acne Fast
Fluctuating hormones, lack of sleep, and general stress can all result in bad breakouts. As a busy mom, you don’t have time for fancy facials or even time-consuming face masks. Fortunately, fighting acne doesn’t have to be difficult when you have the right products on hand. A great option is a clear spot treatment cream. Because it’s invisible, you can quickly apply it at any time of the day and let it stay in place to work its magic.

Besides this, there’s one more step that takes a bit of self-control but zero time: don’t touch it. When you don’t pick at a blemish, it usually heals within a few days.

Make It Accessible
At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is deal with a nightly beauty routine. But all you really need is to make sure your skin is clean before drifting into dreamland. Make sure you never skip this essential step again by keeping your nighttime beauty products at your bedside. Add cleansing wipes, toner, and moisturizer to your nightstand. Since no sink is required, why not make this process quicker and easier by doing it in bed? Plus, this little nighttime ritual becomes relaxing rather than inconvenient when you keep everything easily accessible from your side of the bed.

Ready to revamp your skin care routine? With these tips, you’ll get your skin looking great without taking time away from more important things in life.

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