Your Guide to Choosing and Wearing High Heels

High heel shoes are undeniably sexy and are the shoe of choice for formal occasions. These shoes are particularly flattering because they lift the foot and the leg and accentuate the curvature of the leg. Heels make your legs shapely and work well with all kinds of dresses as well as fashionable slacks and even jeans. Some people may hesitate to purchase a pair of high-heeled shoes because they are worried about discomfort. It is essential to choose a high-heeled shoe that is comfortable, durable and has a heel you can walk in. It takes some practice to walk in high-heel shoes, but once you get the knack, you are likely to fall in love with your shoes.

Shopping for High-Heeled Shoes
Many consumers prefer to buy their high-heeled shoes in brick and mortar stores so they can try them on and walk around in a pair before purchasing. However, e-commerce has advanced in recent years, and online shoe sellers understand the typical customer’s concerns. If you are familiar with specific brands that tend to fit well on your foot or if you consistently wear a certain size, you can shop for high-heels on websites, especially if there is a return policy.

If you are going to an offline store to purchase shoes, be sure to go in the afternoon or at night when your feet are swollen after a day of activity. Often when shoes seem to fit in the morning, they may feel tight as the day wears on. Even if you adore the shoe, if you feel a bit of discomfort when trying on the shoes, do not take a chance by purchasing them.

Any pinching and tightness is likely to grow worse with extended use, and this is especially true of high heeled shoes, which may involve more strain on the foot because of the elevated arch. Walking comfortably in high-heeled shoes requires starting out with well-fitting shoes, to begin with. Ignore the old-fashioned idea that you can get away with purchasing a shoe that pinches your foot and you can “break them in” by wearing them. What you purchase is often what you will get.

Types of High Heeled Shoes
Think about your general wardrobe when purchasing high-heeled shoes, and select a variety shoes that can suit any occasion. Simple yet elegant pumps can be dressed up or down for the office or parties. They have a moderate size and heel width and can go with almost any kind of outfit. Strappy-heels are light and stylish shoes that contain, as the name suggests, a multitude of straps. These shoes may have a light sole and thread-like straps going all the way up the leg or intricate leather straps that criss-cross the ankle. Strappy shoes are ideal for summer outfits with light skirts, but some styles can be worn with cropped pants or mini-skirts.

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Platform heels bring a blast from the past to your wardrobe. They are characterized by a heavy sole and a thick heel which support the foot. Many people find them a comfortable alternative to thinner high heels. Clunky heels aren’t as heavy as platform shoes, but they also provide stability and more support. Clunky heels bring the 1940s or 1950s retro look to feminine dresses and are available in charming, bright colors.

Selecting a Heel
From wedge shoes to stiletto heels, there are as many kinds of heels as there are types of shoes. Keep comfort and style in mind when deciding on what kind of heel to buy. Consider both height and width of the heel. Very short heels of 2 inches can be worn anytime and are a good choice if you have to walk from the subway stop to work.

Heels of 3 inches are fine for the office, but if you do a significant amount of walking prior to arriving at your job, you may want to wear sneakers and change into your heels. Sassy and sexy 5 and 6-inch heels are for evening events and weekend wear. With heel this height, it is important to practice walking in them prior to a night out.

Step Out in Style
Put your best foot forward when looking for high-heeled shoes. There are many ways to wear high-heeled shoes and a multitude of styles to choose from. Whether you love wearing jeans, miniskirts or conservative dresses, the right high-heeled shoe adds stylish fun and elegance to your look and can accentuate your best features.

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