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In the busy world that we are in, it is quite natural for people to succumb to stress as both mind and body undergo severe trauma day in and day out. So, everyone is badly in need of some space wherein they can relieve themselves of stress and pressure that clog up their minds from all directions. Is it possible to overlook stress and come out of it is the million-dollar question? Yes, you can indeed help yourself by means of various mind-relaxing methods, one of them and probably the best of the lot is playing online games. In fact, you can play rummy online, traditional card game in India which is played since ages. Now you can play the same Indian rummy for free and also for money on desktop, mobile and app as well. Let us now see some of the free online games that can help you refresh and relax your mind. All you need to have is an android supporting smartphone with you and the rest will fall in place automatically.

Clash of clans:
Every online game makes you think a lot, pushing you to apply your mind vigorously and clash of clans is no different from it. Once you are involved in such games, you tend to become more relaxed and, in the process, develop skills to overcome pressure situation in your daily life. Now, coming back to clash of clans, it is a highly adventurous game where you are supposed to collect more and more gold and thereby develop your base. This game is all about building a base and protecting it in addition to training troops to attack others. This, being a multiplayer game, it keeps you on your toes always. To be successful in this game, you need to strengthen your base by improving your defence. Once it is done, you can have a strong base and then you can go on attacking other players.

Brain Cafe:
The brain cafe is another exhilarating free online game which is ruling the internet. It is a game wherein you can learn new things about science and geography. Your knowledge of the mentioned subjects will be deeply tested. This geo quiz app makes learning fun and easy. If you are studious and an avid learner, brain café is just the game you must install. The best way to get rid of stressful feelings is to keep learning something new and this app does just that.

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Hockey nations 18:
The beauty of the online games is that though you may lack the necessary physique and energy to play games like football, hockey, cricket, etc, still you can get the feel of playing them. One such game is hockey nations 18. It is not necessary for you to know anything about hockey to play this game. Even as a layman in hockey, you can still rule the game, if you understand the basics of it. There is a training camp feature available in this game which helps you to learn all advanced techniques rather easily. These fast-paced games can take you really to a new world and can help you forget all unnecessary pressures that have occupied your life thus far.

Penny Roulette:
This is a type of casino game which involves betting. Don’t be alarmed hearing the word betting for it is just a low-risk game, feasible for people with a tight budget. You can play the game for fun too. The betting is done by selecting a chip for a desired amount and clicking on the relevant betting area. In short, it is about placing the bet on where the ball will land. If you want to increase the betting amount, you can select another chip. As a matter of fact, only calculative bet help players to win the game.

Online Rummy:
Just like it is impossible to discuss about action movies without taking the name of Jackie Chan and just like it is ridiculous to ignore the name of Michael Jackson when it comes to discussing about Pop music, it will sound equally awkward if one discusses about online games without referring to online

Rummy. This is one of the most downloaded online game on Android mobiles. There are numerous Rummy sites like RummyCircle, Ace2Three etc. hosting millions of Rummy aspirants and experts. Various tournaments and cash games are offered by the Rummy promoters every day. The Rummy rules are very clearly mentioned in all the websites and they also provide relevant video lessons and practise sessions for the new entrants to gain relevant expertise before playing cash games.

So, basically the stress reliever is in your pocket in the form of smart phones. You are just required to explore how to feel relaxed and refresh forever by searching for online games, best suited for you.

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