How COVID Changed The Way We Communicate

Earlier in 2020, we heard whispers of a new virus originating from China. If you’re like most people, you probably brushed it off at first as just another flu strain that might claim a few lives and move on. How wrong we all were.

Since January, we’ve seen nationwide lockdowns, including schools, government buildings, retail stores, and more. We’ve been forced to practice new norms, which include wearing a mask in public and practicing social distancing to limit the spread of the virus.

COVID has changed a lot about modern life, but it’s dramatically changed the way we communicate. We can’t meet like we used to, and online meeting software has become a necessary tool for any business that’s still open.

How has COVID changed the way we communicate? Let’s look closer.

The Need To Practice Social Distancing
When we talk to someone, we’re usually within just a few inches of them. This closeness helps the conversation feel more personal, and allows us to read body language (which includes important facial expressions). With masks and social distancing, it’s become much more difficult to read a person’s expression, and, therefore, communicate properly.

Video chatting has helped fill this important communication gap in both business and personal spaces. How many of us have had to video chat with supervisors, co-workers, or loved ones during the pandemic? It’s the best way to speak with someone without sacrificing body language and still respecting the need to social distance.

It’s unclear how long we’ll be under the thumb of the Coronavirus, but there’s a good chance that conferencing services and video chatting tools will become a staple of communication in the future.

Video Conferencing And Online Meetings
Businesses across the country have reacted to COVID-19 with closures or work-from-home orders. It’s still unclear how extensive the impacts of these changes will be, but what is clear is that businesses couldn’t have survived without video conferencing and online meeting tools. Platforms like Vast Conference have helped bridge the communication gap and provide businesses with the tools they need to continue operations.

A successful business takes communication seriously. It’s estimated that around 100,000 businesses (at least) have shut down due to COVID. That’s a serious impact on the nation’s economy, but what’s worse is that some of them shut down prematurely. Not all businesses can function on a work-from-home model, but communication wasn’t the first priority as it should be.

You can host productive meetings via conference calling software, and some users even prefer to host meetings online as opposed to in-person. We all loathe the stuffy, no-air-conditioning conference room, and the meetings that seem to go on forever. Online meetings allow callers to sit in comfortable environments.

When Will It End?
Of course, the burning question remains in all of our minds: when will it end? Unfortunately, the virus wasn’t taken seriously enough in the beginning, and we’re paying for it now. As of the time of this writing, there are an estimated 11 million cases in the US and around 246,000 deaths. But don’t worry—scientists are working hard to develop a vaccine. As of today, a vaccine with a 95% success rate is working towards FDA approval.

Adapting To A New Normal
All of us have been forced to adapt to a new normal. Not seeing people for long periods of time, wearing a mask in public, and staying six feet apart aren’t exactly easy, but remember that these are minor inconveniences compared to the effects of the virus. Patients who have lived through the virus are experiencing long-term effects, and we’re still learning about the virus and how it interacts with the body.

It’s important that we all do our part and adapt to the new communication standards and social distancing rules. We can get through this together!

The Future Of Communication
Of course, whenever there’s a major change that occurs, everyone wonders how it will affect the future. In the case of communication, it’s probably safe to say that the situation will have some long-lasting effects on the way we communicate with one another. We’re much more likely to become more dependent on technology like video conferencing tools and social media.

There’s also the chance that these social distancing rules will stay in place long after the pandemic is over. After all, we live in a world of about seven billion people, but that’s merely a drop of water compared to the ocean of microbes that live among us. With antibiotic-resistant diseases becoming more common and more people born every year, our very survival may depend on making such changes.

COVID has changed a lot about modern life, with communication being one of the main changes we’ve had to adapt to. Communicating via technology isn’t all bad, however. It allows us to stay safe while still keeping our businesses open and our families together.

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