Infographic – Do you know how unique you are?

In a rather intriguing infographic, you can actually conclude as to how unique you are. Spanning across categories like travel, life, automotive, technology and others, this list gives you a rather interesting perspective on yourself. For example, were you aware of the fact that 11 in 20 people have brown eye colour? And, red hair is the least common hair colour in the world?

There are 6 billion of us and all of us are different in their own way. To add to this we have different geographies, cultures, customs, eatings habits and all that over the years have made us more unique. Did you know that swimming is UK’s most participated sport, speaking about Brits – AB blood type forms 38% of the UK population at the same time only 1% of them are AB- and here is a rather interesting one – 25% of the Brits have an iPhone whereas 7% of them don’t even have a mobile phone.

Check the infographic below and be entertained. All data compiled by

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