Magical Magnetism: Magnetic Ball Clock shows time like a magic trick

I don’t have a penchant for wall clocks though I was very attached to my Mickey Mouse themed wall-clock which I only discarded last year. After that, I never came across anything that special to grow too fond of. I love buying things with some unique characteristics for my house so the magnetic ball clock seemed like an interesting addition. It adds its own new-age charm to a room. It’s minimalistic and clean-looking and fits a modern set-up like an office space or a reading corner with ease. On opening the box, I found an easy-to-assemble stand, 9 tiny colored balls, and the clock and I was thrilled to find an AA battery included, so I didn’t have to wait to start it only after a tedious trip to the supermarket. You can choose to use the stand or simply mount it on the wall. I liked it on my table as it gives me a better view of its magical magnetism. Overall, the clock is very easy to set up. Once you find the initial hour, minute, and second positions, everything else falls into the place. Since you are dealing with magnets, you simply have to move the tiny balls on the surface until they stick.

Brando has included a guide with it too, but it’s not really required. The clock works on a magnetic motor to move 3 tiny balls on an elegant glass face. You don’t have to worry about the balls dropping down even when the Magnetic Ball Clock is wall-mounted. Isn’t that exciting? It is available in a slick black or grey color and sells for $52.

[Available at Brando]

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