How to Mend Your Heart This Valentine’s Day – 3 Ideas for Singles on How to Have a Great Time on February 14th

It’s that time of year again when the romantically challenged feel the full force of society’s contempt. The streets, air waves, and very air seem lined with rose petals: intended for lovers. But have the single ladies and eligible bachelors done anything wrong? Of course they haven’t. And do they too deserve a day filled with, if not decadence and quenched passion, at least a little bit of good, clean fun? Of course they do.
Here, we examine three great ways to spend your Valentine’s Day without an SO.

Play Bingo
Now, don’t be too quick to dismiss this one. Contrary its common association with the elderly, bingo actually embodies romance in a fundamental and hip way. In bingo, players pit their intuitions against the cruel wheel of fate, hoping against hope that the universe has been whispering to them truthfully, in search of that one special arrangement of numbers.

There are clear parallels with the search for a soulmate: we don’t know when, where, or how we’ll meet them; but we keep trying and trying, waiting for odds to roll out in our favour.

To get your bingo party started, try using an iPad or other tablet for that tech-ish vibe with the human touch. This obfuscates the need for tedious paper systems or fiddly contraptions, and sites like mFortune offer free bingo games which will load easily on your device. And who knows, you might find your other half in one of mFortune’s chat rooms during a game of singalong!

Throw a Traffic Light Party
A traffic light party is a great idea for Valentine’s because it allows revellers to include their single friends too. Taken folks wear red, sensible people wear orange, and those who cannot bear the thought of returning to the same traffic party in one year’s time wear green. It’s a pretty simple system to memorize: red means stop; orange means maybe; green means I am emotionally starved and can tolerate my singular existence no longer.

Many might remember traffic light parties from their student days, but the associations with heavy drinking and promiscuity needn’t be negative. After all, throwing caution to the wind is a perfectly sensible thing to do once a year.

Go Solo
If Cupid’s arrow has literally broken your heart, if you don’t want to party and you don’t want to dance, if you just can’t face another Valentine’s without the classic heart-shaped chocolate box or the bunch of roses or the bottle of champagne, then just don’t.

It’s perfectly acceptable to treat yourself the way a devoted spouse would. Draw yourself a champagne bath and put your phone on silent. Massage your own feet. Whisper sweet nothings in your ear until you relax yourself to the point that you don’t notice the sweet nothings have stopped being whispered because you relaxed yourself to the point where you stopped whispering them.

It might just be that that special someone you’ve been scrambling around to find has always been closer than you imagined, has been, in fact, right with you the whole time.

So, those are our ideas for how to spend Valentine’s outside of a relationship. But this list is by no means exhaustive, so don’t be restricted in planning your special day.

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