How To Pick The Right Bed As A Couple

A good night’s sleep is crucial to your health and happiness. In fact, sleep deprivation can not only result in increased grogginess and lack of focus, but can lead to weight gain, lower immunity and even an early onset of diseases. So what’s one of the things you need to do to help get a good night’s rest? Make sure you have a comfortable bed.

As a couple, picking a bed that suits both person’s needs can be difficult. Let’s check out some of the key aspects you’ll need to consider when choosing a bed for the both of you.

Deciding on a size that suits both your heights and sleeping styles is probably the first decision that should be considered. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a queen-sized bed is the most common bed size for couples, providing each person with roughly 30 inches of sleeping space. However, try considering the specifics before deciding on the most popular choice. For example, if you know that you both like to spread out when sleeping, a king size bed may be more suitable. Alternatively, if you’re smaller or prefer cuddling when sleeping, a full size bed may be the right choice.

Choosing the right mattress is probably the most important decision when buying a bed. With a choice between soft, medium or firm, spring, foam, water or air beds, the variety of mattresses can seem endless.

The issue with mattresses is that it can often be subjective, with each person enjoying different styles, and thus making it difficult for couples to find a solution that suits both parties. Do your research and browse mattress store websites that display the different types of mattresses that are available to you. From there, test out different types of mattresses with your partner and consult each other on what has worked in the past. If you find there aren’t any commonalities, you may be able to find a mattress that allows two people to adjust the firmness on their respective sides, so both people are comfortable.

Considering the design of the bed you buy can also be a factor that affects you and your partners sleep. Discuss key design points, like whether you prefer it raised or lowered, with or without a headboard or footboard, and even the shape of the bed itself. Other than the design of the actual bed, you may also want to consider the design of the bedroom and how it will affect your sleep. For example, you and your partner may prefer sleeping in a certain area of the room and in a particular direction, which will need to considered when deciding on the size and shape of the bed.

Picking the right bed can be difficult, especially when you’re in a couple and both person’s needs have to be considered. Try following these main points of discussion to ensure you and your partner find a bed that is comfortable and ensures a good nights sleeps for you both.

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