How to plan a romantic and healthy date for 14th Feb?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and most of you must be busy planning some surprise for your partner, isn’t it? It feels awesome to dedicate a whole day to someone you love from the depth of your heart and do something special to make him/her feel like a most gorgeous person on this planet! A beautiful bouquet of flowers, candlelight dinner followed by a bottle of wine, holding hands, dancing, and having a blast with your partner: this is deemed to be the perfect way to commemorate the Day of Love in popular culture.

In reality, love can be expressed in numerous forms. It is seamless without any boundaries or constraints that we often face in the everyday world. With true love, there arises no need to bear an expensive dinner or a long and expensive trip! It is rightly said “the measure of love is to love without measure” and this can apply to anyone whom you love truly. Similarly, Valentine’s Day is commemorated to not just lovers but also people with families and children.

So, how do you plan to spend this most-awaited day of the year? Well, you must be planning to surprise your partner or family with some expensive material gifts, a greeting card or a surprise bouquet at the door or spend the day watching a marvellous movie with them, isn’t it? But, there is still a better way to celebrate it if you consider one important thing that is prevalent in the world today. That is the emphasis on maintaining health and staying fit!

Well, you must be thinking of how wellness can be connected to such a romantic day by any chance. But, if planned properly, you can manage to pull off a healthy yet a romantic date with your partner/family. But, in order to be convinced to do so, you need to be aware of the importance of staying fit in today’s fast-paced world. With changing lifestyles, it is not often that we think about what we are eating, our postures or lack of physical activity leading to obesity. As a result, even people as young as 28 or 30 years are facing acid reflux, heartburn, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and kidney failure. As per a World Health Organisation (WHO) report, cardiovascular ailments would be the largest cause of death and disability by 2020 in India.

Looking at such figures, it is most suitable to plan for a healthy future in order to have a lasting relationship with your loved ones. The increased stress levels are also a result of reduced exposure to the natural environment and unhealthy eating habits. As a result, there is an increase in the rate of tensions and reduced understanding between partners and among families. So, it is most feasible to plan a romantic, but healthy date and start working on improving the quality of life along with your partner or family.

What matters is not the quantity of time that you spend with each other, but the quality of it. You may start the day by joining a gym together or doing some light exercises and yoga. As for the date, for once, try avoiding any junk food on the table. Cook healthy meals together or order healthy food. Start with fresh and healthy soups or fresh fruits/juices. Increase the intake of fibrous and protein-rich foods like fish, eggs, chicken, oats, yogurt, broccoli, green veggies, cheese, and almonds. Avoid overeating and drinking/smoking to safeguard your heart from any unhealthy risks. If you or your partner has diabetes, avoid at least any unnatural sugar strictly. Instead of visiting a discotheque at night, make a point just to walk and spend quality time with each other discussing things that you have not yet found time to say to each other.

But wait! Is it over yet? No! There is still time for the gift! Which one? Handbag/Clutch/Wallet? Watch? Cufflinks? Dress? What can it be?
Well, think again! For you, the most important thing is your partner’s well-being! Can you ever think of losing your fiancé or any family member dear to you? The answer of everyone would be an absolute no! So, this Valentine’s day; express your love for your loved ones by availing a suitable health insurance policy! Surprise them with the best mediclaim plan which will ensure financial security and encourage them to take much-needed care of their health. The plan will ensure the best medical treatment without worrying about the medical expenses.

Make them realise your lasting love for them through this unique way! It might feel odd at first, but imagine the positive effects it can bring for you and your loved one. It will encourage them to get regular check-ups done, which will be covered in the policy. After all, who knows, you might be able to save them from any critical illness in the future by early diagnosis and cure right now!

So, what are you waiting for! This Valentine’s Day, pledge to create the best moments by ensuring a long life to your loved ones!

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