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Playing video games while away from the computer – or console – was every kid’s dream in the 1980s. The desire to play on the go led to the creation of handheld consoles, starting with the Game Boy, and culminating with the release of Nvidia’s Shield and Sony’s PS Vita. But the evolution of portable gaming consoles might stop soon, as smartphones have taken over the mobile gaming market. Some sources claim that the next generation of portable consoles will not be released because of the competition from smartphones. And, considering the variety of available smartphone games, and the ever improving hardware of the devices, this is not a surprise.

Millions of games
Apple’s App Store currently holds approximately 2 million apps, available for download on the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod Touch. Besides, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone ever created, used by a huge number of individuals – numbers handheld consoles can only dream to compete with. According to Vgchartz, Sony sold a total of almost 14 million PS Vita consoles, while Apple sold four times as many iPhones in the last four months of last year.

Real money games
Smartphones, much like PCs, offer their users access to an amazing variety of apps and games. iPhone users can even install dedicated real money gaming apps on their devices, something no console maker offers at the moment. The All Slots Mobile Casino can be accessed from any iOS powered device with an internet connection, or any Android device, for that matter. And in itself, it offers iOS users an amazing variety of games. Play at All Slots Canadian online casino.

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The All Slots Casino Canada has a library of more than 100 titles that can be played on the go. Among them classic slot machines and card games, long time All Slots Casino favorites and titles fresh out of the developer’s workshop. The number of mobile games available at the All Slots Casino increases month after month, offering a more convenient way to play great games on the go.

Superior hardware
Ever since the release of the Apple A8 processor, the iPhone has overtaken most handheld consoles when it comes to graphics quality. Besides, the phones have screens with a better resolution, and a better overall quality – the Retina Display is hard to match. Even older games that scale up to the iPhone 6 Plus’ larger display look great, and the new ones – like Vainglory, built as a demo for Apple’s new Metal API – are simply amazing.

Sure, handheld consoles have a huge advantage when it comes to usability. Their physical controllers offers a superior experience to on-screen solutions – but things might soon change. I expect dedicated gaming cases to be released for most smartphones, Android and iOS alike, turning them into the perfect portable gaming device of the digital world.

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