PR, Fitness, Snapchat, and more – Gizmodiva speaks to Naina Siwach, VP, Madison Public Relations

Gizmodiva proudly presents a new feather to its multicoloured hat, ‘Gizmodiva Tells’. We will bring to you through this some very interesting interviews of some very interesting people. Industry professionals who have paved their successful paths will now let us and our readers into their worlds. What makes these people the people of substance that they are.

We kickstart this feature with Naina Siwach, who heads the hospitality, luxury and lifestyle practice at Madison Public Relations. With over 13 years’ experience across diverse sectors, she has serviced brands such as Gemfields, Swarovski, Jet Airways, Emirates, Singapore Tourism and Tourism Australia at Weber Shandwick. Not just that, she won an award for the digital campaign initiated at the Wills India Fashion Week in 2015.

Naina is a confident wordsmith, an avid reader and is writing a book in her spare time. We have an array of fun questions to ask Naina. Read on to know what they are:

Let’s start from the beginning, what made you get into PR?
PR happened by chance to be honest, though I was always fascinated by how big organisations create their favourable public image and goodwill in the market. As I learned more about the processes and practices, I got engaged to the whole idea and committed myself to it. If I look back now, there is nothing else I could have done that would have boosted my career and life the way this dynamic industry has. You just can’t run a business anymore without thinking about PR and its impact. But yeah back then, the industry was still in its nascent stages and technologically we were at the helm of Faxes/pagers which were very “Hip” back then. Believe me ! In a world where big brands and conglomerates reign supreme, and for good reason, I would like to be the cloud that brings the rain and broadcast every product with a dewy finish that only a PR professional can create effortlessly and efficiently.

What according to you is the best and worst thing about being a PR professional?
The best thing about PR is that there’s never a dull day and the most trying thing about PR is that there’s always something that needs to be implemented or improvised. While there is palpable excitement in PR, it can occasionally be exhausting. Having said that, I’d never trade it for anything else. Being a PR professional means being proactive and preemptive, someone who is constantly on their guard. For the 12+ years that I have been in PR, every crisis has fine-tuned my drawbacks and every achievement has humbled my understanding of the industry and its expectations. It is tough to define PR, as it is dynamic, constantly developing and keeps you on your toes, challenging you to scale new boundaries.

What advice would you have for budding PR professionals?
Stay focused and attentive and be open to new learning methods. Even at this stage in my career, I keep learning new things. Pick up challenges and get your hands dirty, you will never learn anything if you simply wash clean laundry. Always remember Hard work beats talent any day. Every organization has challenges and things that needs improvement, go and tackle those big challenges head on and watch yourself rise as a brand advocate.

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As a gizmodiva, what’s your take on technology and its growing impact?
Technology is currently a very essential part of our lives. I for one believe that technology has made us more centred, connected, more independent, more efficient and more social (we are all social beings after all).

I am very optimistic about the future of technological advancements and its impact on our daily lives. It is the ultimate medium to connect to individuals as we don’t rely on emails or billboards anymore. Technology has enhanced our lives and I am hopeful it can help us solve the more crucial problems out there. With companies like Apple, Tesla, Spacex, Google, Uber, Airbnb, Palantir as front runners I am prompted to think about Innovation and technological advancements most of the time. Everything we do today is at our finger tips, right from booking a cab, a table at a restaurant, ordering groceries, chatting with loved ones, maps, photos, emails, notes and even finding a date is just a swipe away. So yes, technology fascinates me with its versatility. Can’t go a day without my iphone, ipad or netflix, can you? I am personally looking forward to home automation technologies now.

Which is your favorite Instagram account?
Giuseppezanottiworld… Who doesn’t want a pair of Italian Stilettos 🙂

My Fav snapChat ?
TheoliverHudson – He is a SnapChat hero..Truly rules it. He is God’s answer to a ‘freakacation’ in live form. A live wire that can burn you down….he treats you to the magic of his energy!

Coffee shops are mushrooming across the city, which one serves your favorite cuppa?
Chaayos is my absolute favourite. I am more of a chai person and they have a range of incredible teas to choose from. If ‘God’s Chai’ doesn’t pique your interest, what will? Engage in a sip of the hot concoctions served here and decide for yourself if you haven’t been missing one of nature’s most natural nectars!

Your favorite spot in Mumbai?
JW Marriott Juhu. I love their Lotus Café. Their Sunday brunch spread is fabulous and it revamps my Sundays perfectly with a gorgeous view of the sea.

Which is your dream destination?
Canary Islands. I love the beach and as a certified diver that is my dream vacation!

What would we find in your handbag on any given day?
PowerBank (cannot live without it), my keys, one of my many Perfumes and my mascara. I have a fragrance fetish!

A fitness routine you swear by and would recommend to our readers.
Pilates and running. Both routines are exhilarating and give me my much required dose of adrenaline!

Your most favorite book of all times?
The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck. It’s the most profound, enriching books I’ve ever read and has helped me find newer pathways to lead a fuller, happier life.

Your current read?
Born to Run by Chris McDougall. Recommended by a dear runner friend. For someone who loves running as much as I do, this book predominantly captures the essence of the science behind running.

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