Recording Useful Videos from Websites on a Mac to Watch Later with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

Do you want to be able to ‘save’ some of the more useful videos that you come across on websites so that you can watch them later without having to be online? Perhaps you’d like to be able to transfer these videos to other devices, or burn them onto a DVD if that’s more convenient?

The fact of the matter is that most websites don’t have a feature that will let you ‘save’ videos – but it is still possible to do so by recording them directly from your Mac’s screen. All that you need is a screen recorder, and Movavi Screen Capture for Mac ( is the perfect one to go with.

Not only will Movavi Screen Capture for Mac let you record your screen, but it will make is easy and straightforward to do so. Basically you just need to define the capture area so that it encompasses the website video – and that can be done by drawing a frame on-screen with your mouse cursor.

The only other recording parameter in Movavi Screen Capture for Mac that you should check is the ‘System Audio’ icon. If it is highlighted then the audio from your speakers will be recorded. Make no mistake you can set the other recording parameters as you see fit such as the sound levels, audio sources, or frame rate – but none of that is necessary in this case.

When you are ready to start recording just click ‘REC’ and play the website video when you do. The on-screen controls in the interface will let you easily manage the recording, though if you prefer you can use hotkeys or automate it with the scheduler or timer in Movavi Screen Capture for Mac as well.

Once the recording is complete and you stop it, you can go over it and make sure everything checks out. If there is some footage that is unnecessary, Movavi Screen Capture for Mac will let you trim it out at this stage too. Assuming you’re satisfied, you can then save the video and choose a format to use, or select one of the presets to automatically use the best possible video format and settings for a particular device or platform.

All in all it shouldn’t take long for you to record videos from websites using Movavi Screen Capture for Mac, and then save it in precisely the right format for the device or platform you intend to use. Now that you know how easy it is, why not give it a try for yourself so that you familiarize yourself with the process in case you need to use it later on.

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