From Science Fiction to Affordable Reality

It wasn’t very long ago that things such as flying aircraft which were personally controlled by private citizens, video conferencing, and replicators were nothing more than science fiction. Once they began to emerge into the world they were unaffordable for the average person. However, with recent leaps in technology, the price has come down and now what was once nothing more than science fiction has become an affordable reality for the average person.

While we have yet to prove life from other planets is regularly visiting our planet, there are an increasing number of flying objects in the sky that are occasionally unidentifiable. Drones are far more than toys, they offer truly remarkable opportunities in the field of photography and videography. A video drone makes it possible for even amateur producers, directors, and photographers to capture stunning areal footage and imagery.
Many of these are much smaller than the initial drone offerings which also makes them far more affordable. While many people do use these types of devices as novelty entertainment, the practical applications for security and artistic expression are virtually limitless.

Replicators were one of the most universally loved creations of the Star Trek universe. The ability to task a machine to create something else quickly and with no technical knowledge was immensely appealing. While we don’t quite have replicator technology yet, we do have 3D printers.
These devices have slowly been brought into classrooms at all levels, workspaces, homes, and medical facilities. These devices are bringing instant real-world application for students learning about engineering and design. Instead of theoretical design efforts that are limited to a 2D environment, students can print out their designs and discover where improvements need to be made.
While this technology is still very new, the open source interconnectedness of design sharing has made it accessible to people of all ages and academic levels. There is a great deal of interest in the technology and it is expected to continue evolving and play an even greater and more affordable role in the daily lives of people going forward.

Science fiction television shows, cartoons, and movies have long showcased the ability to communicate with others with video but it has only become a widespread reality within the last decade. There were earlier prototypes several decades ago but the technology was cumbersome and expensive and too few people had access to it to make it widely integrated into society.
With the invention and advancement of smartphone technology, people are now able to communicate with people anywhere in the world with a handheld device. We may not be able to transport instantly to our friends, family, and coworkers but we do have the ability to speak with them face-to-face easily and relatively inexpensively.

Home security is another area that has greatly benefited from recent technological advancements. Specifically, the decreased cost of remote surveillance has made securing one’s home easier than ever. What once required a home security company to accomplish can now be set up by most homeowners with a few wireless cameras connected to smartphone apps.
When you add electronic door locks and automated home systems would not be unfair to say our homes are rapidly becoming as smart as our phones. In a few years it is easy to imagine that our homes will have the ability to anticipate our needs, alert law enforcement when there is a problem, and even offer recommendations to improve our home and personal security.
With so many incredible advancements in all areas of our lives, it is fun to think about what else science fiction will bring us in the coming years.

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