Six Sensational Candle Inspired Wedding Decoration Ideas For The D-Day!

A burning candle in the night looks enchanting and calms the observer’s eye. It also provides hope to look forward to the new dawn filled with lots of happiness and brightness. Hence that’s the reason, many soon to be couples as well as wedding planners have started weaving magical effects to a wedding via candles.

Yes, these days candles are used as a major element for decoration ideas at events like wedding, reception, anniversary parties etc. It infuses romance and serenity in the air, at the same time setting new decor goals with its magical ambiance. So today, we bring six sensational decor ideas for your big day!

6 Candle Inspired Decor Ideas For Your Wedding

1. The Candle Wall: The best wedding planner in Bangalore are decking up couple’s wedding with a spellbinding wall filled with hundreds of white candles in small glasses. The best part of such decor is its versatile use i.e. it can either be used to light up the entire wedding entrance pathway. Or as a stage wall decoration which can be combined with different type of flowers. Trust us, it will give a complete makeover to the wedding venue.

2. The Floating Candles: If your wedding is taking place at a venue which has a water body nearby, like a swimming pool or a fountain or a lake. Then you can ask the event planner or wedding decorator to release some floating candles into it. During the nighttime, these candles will weave a dreamy look with their soft glow in the darkness. And yes, do not forget to have some gorgeous photographs clicked nearby the same area.

3. Tree Hangings: For the weddings taking place at a nature resort or a lawn which have some trees in between. Rustic lamp shades with candles should be hanged using ropes on the tree. This will add an old world charm to the entire venue. Also, you can add a bouquet of natural or artificial flowers to the lamp-top. These days multi-colored, plain glass bottles are also available which has a candle stand inside.

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4. Ceiling Hangings: The tree hanging idea discussed above are for open venues. But if your wedding is going to take place inside a banquet hall then transparent, plastic-glass hangings with miniature candles inside are the perfect choice for you. When these are clubbed together in the count of hundreds, the ceiling looks simply out of the world.

5. The Glowing Pathway: If the venue has a grand staircase, then you can fill the sidelines with a lot of candles in different sizes. To bring in more drama to the environment, you should deck up the railings with green shrubs. It will look like a fairytale moment from one of Disney’s movie collection.

6. Candle Light Dinner: It is your wedding and everything should be romantic. And nothing is more lovely than an alluring setup of candles on the dinner tables. Such kind of decor fabricates a cozy ambiance which makes guests feel loved and welcomed.

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