The quit-smoking drive…electronic cigarettes!

Thought quitting smoking was a tough task? Well yes it can be unless you have the electronic cigarette or a portable vaporizer (click this to check out the most advanced vaporizer in the market). Yep, you heard it right. It feels like a cigarette, looks like a cigarette but it isn’t bad for your health. A Chinese company marketing the world’s first “electronic” cigarette hopes to double sales this year as it expands overseas and as some of China’s legions of smokers try to quit. Golden Dragon Group Ltd’s Ruyan cigarettes are battery-powered, cigarette-shaped devices that deliver nicotine to inhalers in a bid to emulate actual smoking. “The nicotine is delivered to the lungs within 7 to 10 seconds,” said Scott Fraser, Vice President of SBT Co. Ltd., the Beijing-based firm that first developed the electronic cigarette technology in 2003 and which is now controlled by Golden Dragon. China — home to 400 million smokers and a roughly $160 billion dollar tobacco industry – accounts for 65 percent of Ruyan sales.

The firm estimates around 10 percent of China’s smokers are attempting to quit, and averaging a 2 percent success rate. The same is true in Canada where a lot of people have been victims of cigarettes. But the provides everyone a chance to slowly get rid of using these real sticks of cigarette. And so, the Davinci IQ has come to birth for some relevant reason. You actually get a couple of options in Canada when you are rooting for vapes. They also got an Online Vape Shop Canada where citizens can basically get one of their own as a good alternative for the real cigarettes.. The electronic cigarettes sell for around 1,600 Yuan ($208) apiece and are already available in China, Israel, Turkey, and a number of European countries, but not yet the United States. Now it’s a good thing but $208…its more like smoking your money into the air.



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