Top 5 mobile games played in India in 2019

The Smartphone revolution in India is the main reason for such a boom in the Online Gaming Industry in the country. The market is so huge, and the popularity is at maxim. The economy graph of the country fall and rises, but online gaming always present positive progress in its curve. The uplift of technology in the internet and mobile phones are considered ambassadors of Online Rummy. When a new model phone launched, you will find content regarding gaming during the launch. Such is the position of Gaming. It is a fantasy world for many gamers.

The basic of gaming is to reduce stress and improve life-related skills through games. Today’s gaming has introduced another factor to its benefits- Entertainment. A game determines a person’s real-life personality. Yes, you read it right. The game you play reflects in your behavior. In recent years, gaming has occupied an integral part of Smartphone users. When online gaming itself is considered a revolution, there is a major part that pulled in many new followers. Online Gaming earns you money- the statement responsible for seeing new faces in Online Gaming. It is the primary objective of many gamers. It is a widespread industry. Your first step into the industry brings in infinite options to choose your game.

During the advent of online gaming, the companies never thought of such a big response to their product. But now there is some fierce competition in the industry to be on the top slot of most played games. A change in the most played game list is a routine in the online gaming industry. The same way, 2019 saw some amazing games being played. A new set of audience made their way into the gaming society every year with a lot of excitement and expectations. In 2019, players got to play many, but only some impressed them. Let’s look at the 5 most played games in 2019.

1.PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds)
It is a multiplayer battle royale game. This game has conquered the gaming society with astonishing game features. The game was first available on PC only, and then on seeing the whooping response, the game entered the smartphones. The mobile version multiplied the game’s popularity. This game has a very impressive gaming ecosystem- display, sound, player-related features. “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”- the phrase used to celebrate victory in PUBG. The ravishing success of the game was reflected as the Game walked away with all the major awards in the Google gaming awards ceremony.

It is yet another Battle Royale game on the list. The game is free and available on a wide range of platforms- android, iOS, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. The game is designed with attractive features, and players receive regular updates to live the game. Players can choose either the single-player or co-operative mode to play against some zombie-like creatures. This is a last-man-standing game involving a max of 100 players. In order to continue in the game, players must take them away from the storm, for which a regular countdown is programmed.

3. Online Rummy
One of the most loved game is back in its heydays, rummy game has made a comeback in the form of online rummy. The game is the most preferred hobby of people. It is not just a game but is now turns out to be the best way to earn money. Rummy is a skill game which means it requires critical thinking, analytical ability, and mental dexterity to master the game. It’s a game that has been extremely popular in the Indian gaming community. The game is available 24*7 in all platforms such as android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. The game is played in different forms of rummy variance- points, deals, and pool rummy. There are many hosting online rummy games, but there are very few like Deccan Rummy giving out exciting rummy promotions and bonuses. The game has got many for the players. One needs just a decent internet connection to play and win the game.

4.Online Poker
A few months ago, many articles were mentioning, “Is online poker becoming the next big thing for the Indian millennial?” Yes, it is true. Online Poker has reached such great heights in popularity. There are many playing the game. The game can be played between 6 to 9 players and is all about making the best combination in hand. The game which was originally played in Casino is now played anytime, anywhere, using the internet. Players can play for a very minimal amount. Websites like Khelo365 host both Texas Holdem and Omaha poker with the best of poker promotions. Poker can be enjoyed on the go with Poker Mobile app.

5. Counter-Strike
The game is a first-person multiplayer shooter game like by games across different parts of the country. In the game, there are two groups- terrorists and counter-terrorists. The crux of the game is about a bomb that needs to be defused by one group and planted by the other. Launched in 2014, the game still withholds many fans to it.

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Most of the games mentioned here have international reach. The way it made inroads into India is commendable and the way it registered impacts in the Indian gaming community, one can rest assured the gaming industry is all set to skyrocket further in India.

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