The Top Three Most Common and Popular Sportsbook Bonuses You can Get

Sports betting has become a popular pastime for many of us – and for good reason. The fact that almost anyone can place a bet on their favorite sport is one factor contributing to its popularity. Another fact that makes it a big hit is convenience. Nowadays, you can place bets on live games (called in-play betting – an added thrill), and you can place bets from your mobile phone or tablet, from anywhere and at any time. Plus, there’s nothing like the excitement of actually winning. If you place a bet and win, then all the better for you! If you’re thinking of wagering a bet on sports, then here are the top three most common and popular sportsbook bonuses you can get.

First off: what is a bonus?
As you may already know, a bonus is simply something you can get or receive, whether it’s from a retail shop or online site such as a bookmaker site, in order to encourage you to shop, play, or keep playing. These bonuses are given simply because the site or business wants your business. It’s that simple (for example, you can use this code for a great welcome bonus on Bet365). There is hardly any catch to these bonuses and offers, as the site just wants you to play – and perhaps give them more business in the future.

For sports betting, there are three common types of bonuses. These include the sign up or welcome bonus, the reload bonus, and the free bet bonus.

The sign up or welcome bonus
This bonus is given to you when you first sign up or register with a site. It requires a certain amount of deposit on your part, but the site promises to give you a good percentage of your initial deposit as well. For example, if you get a 100% bonus offer on up to £200 ($260), then this means that you can get an extra £200 deposited into your account. There are some requirements for you to really avail of the bonus, however, such as placing bets and rollovers, so you should find out what these requirements are.

The reload bonus
The reload bonus is also offered by a number of bookmaker sites, although most will only offer the reload bonus on major or special sports events. The amount or percentage of a reload bonus will usually be about 25% at the maximum, and it often depends on a rollover as well.

The free bet bonus
The free bet bonus is often offered by different sites after you have placed your first bet. Some sites will offer a match of the amount you placed on your first bet, for instance. There is often a rollover for this one, although some sites will also offer the free bet bonus as a promotion.

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