Touchscreens Bring Major Changes To Busy Retail Season

The stretch between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve is the busiest period time of the year for retail, and it’s when new technology and strategies are put to the test. This year, all eyes are on how touchscreens improve retailers’ bottom lines, with several major retailers having rolled out new checkouts, displays, and kiosks over the last year or two.

There are two major types of touchscreens used today: capacitive touchscreens and resistive touchscreens. Touchscreen suppliers like A D Metro provide these touchscreens to OEMs and systems integrators who sell to retailers, as well as a long list of industries that use this ubiquitous technology. Capacitive touchscreens are the same technology you find in your smartphone, but also in digital displays, Point of Sales, and gaming. Resistive touchscreens are found wherever durability is an issue, including public kiosks, outdoor ATMs, and industrial applications. Capacitive touchscreens made by suppliers like A D Metro are changing the retail environment and this holiday season touchscreens will be more prevalent than ever.

Capacitive Touchscreens Bring New Advertising Opportunities

Interactive touchscreens bring new advertising opportunities on the ground for retailers. Consumers expect more information, but also more interactive, engaging digital environments. They can easily buy almost everything they want on their smartphones, which is why stores need to provide a new kind of experience. Everything from atmosphere to digital displays needs to be tailored to impress and create a unique experience that keeps consumers coming back.

Touchscreens and the Long Tail of Brand Relations

Retailers are learning that the long tail of brand relations make the difference between success and failure on Main Street. While capacitive touchscreens improve sales, reduce lineups, and reduce labor costs, one of the biggest difference they can make in a store is changing the customer experience. People expect touchscreens; how many times have you seen a customer walk up to a kiosk that uses a keyboard and tap at the screen?

With the rise of digital shopping and the widespread belief that Generations Y and Z are abandoning malls, some prematurely declared the brick-and-mortar store dead. As it turns out, the opposite is true, with major digital retailers now racing to transform the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. According to retail analysts, 98% of Generation Z shoppers still go to stores, but they expect something very different from previous generations. They expect stores to be seamlessly connected and to provide information instantly, within a few taps, the way they would expect it from a website or an app.

The end-user is king when it comes to touchscreens in the retail environment and that means kiosk manufacturers and integrators need touchscreens that can adapt to the retailers’ needs. Kiosk manufacturers should stop by A D Metro to find out how a touchscreen supplier can change the way they integrate their products with retailers’ demands. This holiday season, touchscreens are going to make a big splash, but their future is only just beginning. There is a long way yet to go and consumers can expect some big innovations in the near future.

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