Ultrasona – Eliminate Germs and Stains With Sound Waves

As we battle our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important to keep our homes germ-free. Ultrasona, a handheld ultrasonic cleaner, can sterilize virtually anything in minutes with the power of sound waves. This groundbreaking tech makes it easier to eliminate bacteria, mold, fungus, and even viruses from your home.

Ultrasona is powered by the same technology used in hospitals and industrial settings to sterilize clothing, tools, food, and surfaces. The only difference is that Ultrasona puts that power in the palm of your hand.

All you need is a basin of water (like a sink) and a power outlet to clean 99.9% of microbial life (including viruses) off of the following:
Produce (fruit and vegetables)
Children’s toys
Baby products
Toothbrushes and razors
Makeup brushes
Much more

Not only that, but Ultrasona will remove virtually all stains, dirt, grease, oil, grime and more from your stuff. It will even remove scuffs from old jewelry and watches to make them look like new, and it lifts the toughest stains from fabric.

How does it work?

Ultrasona reverberates 50,000 sound waves per second through water to clean at a microscopic level. Its sound waves disrupt the water, creating thousands of microscopic bubbles that bind to whatever you put in the water, such as your clothes, dishes, or jewelry. But these tiny bubbles are volatile, and soon after their creation, they implode and create a miniature shockwave that blasts away dirt and grime and obliterates viral and bacterial life.

Pretty cool.

Because the bubbles are microscopic, they can get inside the tiny crevices and cracks where bacteria and viruses hide. These include the spaces between gems on a ring, the lids of sippy cups, and the joints of watch bands.

Using Ultrasona is much simpler than using a washing machine or dishwasher, and you can use it to clean pretty much anything. The cleaner never actually comes into contact with your things (the sound waves do all the work), so it’s safe to use with delicate fabrics, fragile dishware, and precious jewelry.

To destroy viruses and make your stuff look like new, just follow these three easy steps:
1.Fill a basin or sink with water
2.Put whatever you want to clean into the water along with the Ultrasona wand
3.Plug Ultrasona into an outlet and press the power button.

That’s it!

Ultrasona has a convenient timer and smart presets built-in, so you can guarantee a 99.9% clean with the push of a button. And it’s totally safe, so the whole family can use it.

Ultrasona can help keep your home clean and your family safe during the days of COVID-19. Equipped with medical-grade cleaning technology, you won’t just have a far more efficient and convenient way to clean, you’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing your food, clothes, and more are sterile.

Ultrasona is now accepting backers on kickstarter.com. Become a backer today and get Ultrasona for your home for up to 60% off the retail price.

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