What Women Should Wear To A Casino

Casinos are not just a place for men to go and play poker. While that may have been the trend years ago, modern casinos are places for women just as much as they are for men. In fact, women might even be better at it – recent statistics suggest that female gamblers are less likely to develop a problem with the hobby than men are. Not only are women welcome at casinos, but they’re also more likely to know when they’re on a good run and when to stop than the men who’ve been playing for years.

Now we’ve established that casinos want female business, we’re faced with the question of what to wear when we go. Dressing for a lucky night out has always been easy for men – if they’re headed out to a particularly glamorous casino, they might put on a tuxedo. If the venue they have in mind is less upmarket, just a suit or even a blazer and jeans is usually fine. For women, it’s a little harder to know where to pitch a look. Are jeans too casual? Is a ballgown too much? Where’s the line between being dressed to impress, and being overdressed?

It’s probably important to point out that trying your luck at a casino needn’t involve getting dressed up at all. Gambling has made extensive inroads online during the past two decades, and mobile slots mean you can play without leaving your house. There are hundreds of mobile slots websites such as Amigo Slots offering thousands of slot games, and you can play mobile slots in your front room, in bed, or even in the bath if you feel like it. When you’re playing mobile slots, you have nobody to impress other than yourself! If you’re playing games in a physical casino, though, plenty of people will be looking, and nobody likes to stand out for the wrong reasons. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide to how to dress for a night at the tables.

1. Black Tie Gowns For Formal Casinos
For a start, you can take the worry out of what to wear by doing a little research into your intended destination before you set off. If a casino has a dress code, it will tell you about it on its website. It might even offer a few style tips of its own, but unfortunately, the directions can often be male-focused. Online casinos and mobile slots websites market themselves directly to women these days, but very few physical casinos have followed suit. You can still use the information to take some cues, though. If a casino advertises itself a being black tie, you’ll want a black-tie gown to fit in with the atmosphere. To achieve a classy look, go for a gown that reaches the floor, and avoid anything made from cotton. Silk and satin are your friends here. A neutral shade of color is your best bet, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with black.

2. Cocktail Dresses For Less Formal Casinos
Because running a completely formal casino can be restrictive in terms of customer numbers, the majority of casinos now run on a ‘semi-formal’ basis instead of asking for guests to wear black tie clothing. This still doesn’t mean it’s time to get out your favorite jeans, though. A cocktail dress would be perfect for a semi-format casino. At the risk of sounding boring, this is almost what the little black dress was made for. If dresses really aren’t for you, we’ve seen women in casinos looking great in formal pantsuits (with an emphasis on ‘formal’). You can add a little flair with accessories, such as your best neck or wristwear.

3. Think ‘Daytime Wedding’ For Casual Casinos
Even at a casino that identifies as being casual, it’s doubtful you’ll see anybody wearing the same outfits they’d put on to go to the shops. You should never wear anything to a casino that you wouldn’t wear when visiting a classy restaurant. If you’ve been to a daytime wedding before, the kind of outfit you’d choose to go to one would be perfect for a casual casino. Skirts and sheath dresses are unlikely to draw the ire of the door staff, or glares from other casino-goers. Casual casinos are the one place where you might get away with wearing jeans, but we’d still recommend dressy jeans over basic denim.

4. Sensible Shoes
Remember that while a casino may be indoors, you’ll still likely be doing a lot of moving. You’ll be back and forth to the bar, and moving between tables. Impractical shoes won’t be your friend in this scenario! We don’t recommend high heels under any circumstances. You’re welcome to try them so long as they go with your outfit, but we suspect you’ll find them increasingly impractical as time passes. Heeled sandals are as far as you probably want to go in that direction. Dressy flats are what most of the women will be wearing. Make sure they still pass for formal wear though – sneakers aren’t a good look, and they might actually be a barrier to entry even at the least formal of casinos. Disregard any thought of putting flip-flops or sandals on, too. A casino isn’t a day at the beach!

5. Think About Where Else You May Be Going!
If you’ve been invited to a casino, it probably won’t be the only place you visit that night. A casino is a fine place to stay for a few hours, but very few people will spend an entire evening there. Casinos go hand in hand with cocktails or restaurant trips for many people, and so your outfit may well have to be duel purpose. To add to the confusion, some casual casinos have restaurants attached to them which have higher standards of expected dress than the casino they operate within! This is a good reason to ‘upgrade’ your look from casual to semi-formal if you’re going somewhere to eat. On the other hand, if you’re going bowling before or after, you’ll probably find it difficult to manage in a black-tie gown.

Above all else, have fun. Nights at the casino don’t come around all that often for most people, and it’s a chance to show off your wardrobe and your sense of style in good company. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose, be lucky when you place bets, and have a great time!

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