If You are a YOLO Couple, here’s what you must know

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love” – Ernest Hemmingway

You live only once, and if this YOLO philosophy is what you rest your faith in as a couple, then it’s granted that you leave no holds barred to live your life to the fullest. YOLO couples know how to feel alive, and this is what sets them apart from the herd. If you are wondering whether you belong to the breed or not, then here’s the checklist to show you the way.

– You travel together. Period.
– You have an ‘us against the world’ temperament. You both act like one even though you might have different opinions.
– You share a common purpose and motivate each other to chase your individual goals.
– You are not afraid to try new things and understand that exploring different aspects together strengthen your bond.
– You acknowledge each other’s efforts and know how to apologize
– You understand and adjust to personal limitations of each other.

YOLO Lovebirds Travel
Traveling is the best way to lap up life, after all to travel is to live. There’s nothing more romantic than setting out on a journey together; there’s nothing more euphoric than exploring things in each other’s arms, there’s nothing more joyous than lying under the moonlit sky and chatting up each other for hours. If you are a YOLO couple, you know how to hit the road to fulfillment, and you do it in style.

Imagine feeding your romantic life with cozy conversations under the sheets, or setting up a bonfire with your lover in an isolated corner of a beach and listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore. From Goa to Manali, and from Shillong to Jaisalmer, the options to travel with your lover are endless, if you are a YOLO couple. Luxury is not what drives you, but the zest to unearth the unseen is what draws you, after all.

Adventure is the glue that binds a YOLO couple together. Exploring the gorgeous seas or trekking over the wild mountains; YOLO couples embrace all experiences with equal enthusiasm.

Whether unmarried or traveling on a shoestring budget, with brands like OYO, finding a love nest is a cake walk. For instance, budget hotels in Goa by OYO start at mere ₹637 per night.

YOLO couple travels together, stays together
A couple that travels together stays together, is true for time immemorial. Traveling is a road to self- discovery for the couples. Traveling together tests the fundamental incompatibilities viz. how they handle finances and unexpected situations. If you are in an exciting relationship and you have a great rapport with your lover, chances are you have already traveled with them. A YOLO couple will stand out from others because they know how to have fun, and are never bored in their partner’s company. This couple will surprise themselves and just act on a whim. A YOLO couple will likely face their common fears together by undertaking thrilling activities and add a sense of accomplishment to themselves.

Top 3 Destinations a YOLO couple must visit

Long term relationships are rewarding, and they require more than just commitment. It commands passion and dedication on both ends to sustain a relationship. A YOLO couple not just shares good times but also lives through the testing ones together. They stand their ground and move together shoulder to shoulder. Traveling is not just sightseeing for them, they may go on dates while traveling and reconnect with each other. If you are a YOLO couple, then we suggest you make the most of your togetherness discovering, unearthing and knowing the unknown; take risks together, walk the rosy and thorny paths hand in hand, and be the epitome of love as known in its pristine form.

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