About Us

Here is a new age fairytale from the world of Gizmos. It all started long, long ago in the year of 2006 when lovely Gizmodiva made a foray into a world full of gadgets and gizmos. She dabbled in the world of gadgets, fashion. Lifestyle, home improvement and with love and support from
committed, ardent readers it grew each day. After 5 flourishing years Gizmodiva has now transformed into a beautiful swan bringing you the latest and very best news better than anyone else, at least that’s the objective. Change is the only constant but here great stories, awesome
content are a constant too and we attempt to bring you our blogs in the most entertaining way possible.

This is only the beginning of a new journey that will last till the end of times. We would like to thank our readers for their unrelenting support and would love to hear from you on our first ever redesign. Do you love the look? How do you think we can improve and what do you like most? We wanna know it all so that we succeed in our endeavor of getting you the best every day.

The Team

Dhiram Shah

Founder –
Dhiram Shah is the founder of Gizmodiva and editor of Newlaunches.com. A gadget freak, he has been blogging about technology since 2005 and has a penchant for all things from Japan. Apart from this, Dhiram owns a web development company which specializes in developing customized content management systems for businesses.

Geetu Gupta

Editor in chief –
A commerce graduate, Geetu is passionate about gizmos and fashion. She has been managing Gizmodiva since the past 4 years and is also the associate editor for Luxurylaunches.



Neha Sharma

Associate Editor –
Neha, a true blue cancerian and self-confessed Hello Kitty Hater resides in the buzzing city of Mumbai. A 23 year ‘Young’ Jewellery Designer by profession she started working with Gizmodiva in 2007 which turned out to be her true calling. She loves living life in the fast lane and change is the only constant in her life. Gizmodiva is a dream come true for her as she gets to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing world of gizmos and fashion; both of which she has a penchant for. Being an avid reader and adept PC user, Blogging turned out to be second nature for the designer who is now better known as the ‘Associate Editor of Gizmodiva’. Willing to stretch her writing abilities to different worlds of gizmos, fashion, beauty and aiming to grow day by day with Gizmodiva seems to be her mantra.

Meghna Das

Contributing Editor –
Meghna is a 24 year old from the pretty city of Pune. She is a clinical psychologist by profession, but has set her sights towards her true love – writing. She is a dog lover, an avid reader and passionate TV watcher. Writing for Gizmodiva gives her the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest in the gadget and fashion world. She might not be the most tech savvy person around, but makes up for it in enthusiasm. She has a deep love and excitement about all things new and unique in the world of gadgetry, and definitely loves voicing her opinions on the same.