10 of the best children’s party games

The excitement is reaching fever pitch as the big day approaches. You’ve sent out the invites and wrapped the presents, but how can you make sure your children’s party is one they will remember? A well selected and planned range of party games can be just the thing to get all ages involved and make some special memories. The very best classic party games can be adapted to suit everyone, fit the number of attendees, and even tie in with your party theme. Here is PartyWorld’s guide to 10 of the best children’s party games.

1. Pass the parcel
The simplest ideas are sometimes the best. Pass the parcel is something everyone knows how to play, and while the easy concept of moving the parcel around until the music stops can be understood by even the littlest participants, older players will still get caught up in the sense of suspense! It’s a convenient game to play to get everyone sitting down, perhaps while the adults need to get the table laid or organize the next activity. Create your parcel using at least as many layers as there are game players. Make sure each layer contains a sweet or treat. To adapt the game for an older audience, consider adding in some amusing forfeits too. And turn the music up loud!

2. Piñata
The piñata is originally a Mexican tradition. It involves filling a container, (which is often made of papier-mâché, but could also be pottery, cloth, or cardboard), with sweets. The container is then decorated, and ceremonially smashed to reveal the sweets, as part of the celebration. It has been adopted by party planners all over the world, as a fantastically fun activity that can be easily adapted to your party’s theme. At Party World we have a range of beautiful piñatas to suit any occasion – from llamas, to treasure chests, donkeys, sombreros, and princesses. All you have to do is fill the piñata with your choice of sweets and party favours, then hang it up – perhaps outside on the branch of a tree. Then your guests can take it in turn to be blindfolded and hit the piñata until it splits open. The goodies inside can then be shared by everyone. Children of all ages will find this adult-sanctioned naughtiness to be hilarious fun!

3. Pin the tail on the donkey
This is a classic game ripe for adaptation to your theme. Whether you plan to pin the tail on the bunny or the dummy on the baby, you can tailor this easily to suit your celebration. Kids having a pirate party will love to try and pin the jolly roger on the pirate ship; children who love dinosaurs can try and pin the tail on the t-rex! Get creative and enjoy preparing for your party by drawing your chosen image with your little ones; or keep it simple and order a proper game kit from us here at Party World.

4. A treasure hunt
This is a fantastic game if you have time to set it up properly. You could keep things uncomplicated by simply hiding treasures in your chosen area and letting the children loose to hunt. Or, especially for older children, you could leave a series of clues. Each clue should lead your hunting party to the next clue and the next, until finally they can discover the treasure – whether that is a hidden cache of chocolates or perhaps the equipment for the next party game is up to you! Clues can take the form of simple riddles, or perhaps pictorial clues will keep your younger guests involved. The excitement will translate to all ages though, and older children will enjoy leading their younger friends on the chase.

5. Scavenger hunt
This is a lovely and simple way to get children to connect with their environment – it works particularly well if you are holding your party in a natural setting. Create a list of items your guests need to find – perhaps this will include an interesting leaf, a daisy, a round pebble, and a pine cone. Or you could invite the children to get a little more creative – it could be something red, something that reminds you of your family, and something you think is beautiful. Or you could take the idea in a different direction, by hiding specific objects around the party space. Perhaps it could be that your party guests need to find the 100 pieces of Lego you have hidden away, and then build something using them! It’s a wonderfully adaptable game that has the added advantage of tiring children out!

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6. Musical statues
This is a game that needs little introduction. It is so beautifully simple to set up, and once again should help burn off any sugary energy the little ones may have built up! Make sure you have as much space as possible for throwing some serious shapes – it is wise to move breakables well out of the way. Get your favourite playlist on nice and loud, encourage everyone to go wild – and then hit pause! Everyone has to stop and stand dead still, whatever strange position they are in when silence falls… One by one, wiggles will happen, and each person that moves is out of the game. Keep playing the music and doing sudden pauses until everyone is out – the last person left in, is the winner!

7. Balloon race
Balloons are a great party asset, and Party World has a great selection available. Divide the children into two teams. Each team must stand in a line and pass a balloon between their legs to the person at the end of the line. That last person must then run with the balloon to the front of the line, and start the process again. The balloon must keep getting passed to the back of the line until the person who was originally at the front of the line is at the front again. First team to get there is the winner!

8. Balloon battle
This one can get a bit fierce! Each participant gets a balloon attached to their ankle (tape should do the trick). Then let everyone loose to try and burst each other’s balloons! The winner is the person whose balloon survives the longest.

9. Granny Grunt
Blindfold somebody to stand in the middle of the circle with a broom. Everyone moves around, until the blindfolded person calls out stop. The person wearing the blindfold then points their broom, and whoever is nearest the broom must grunt! The blindfolded person gets a guess at who is the ‘granny’ grunting, and if they guess correctly, the granny has to become the person in the middle with the broom.

10. Egg and spoon race
This is an Easter favourite but actually works really well at all times of the year. Consider updating it for your party – perhaps mini-Christmas puddings for a Christmas celebration, or miniature footballs to balance for a footy mad child’s party! Players must race along the course that you layout, balancing their egg/football on their spoon/tennis racket. Whoever gets to the end first without dropping their load is the winner!

At PartyWorld, we stock all the party supplies you need to create a fantastic children’s party. Whether you want beautiful balloons, party favours, party bags or pinata treasures, we can help make your children’s party the special event it should be. Easily theme your party with one of our popular collections, from Peppa Pig to Paw Patrol. Match your tableware and your games, and even throw costumes into the mix.

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