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A lot of people ask if we sell products, sorry but Gizmodiva is not a reseller and we do not sell any of the products mentioned on our website.

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At Gizmodiva we love to breaking news, product launches and playing with shiny gizmos. We honor embargoes, love reviewing products and reading the well crafted press releases.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Just so you know. I hate the new layout and I’ve stopped looking at this blog. It makes me sad in my heart, but thats how much I dislike it. Just thought you’d like to know.

    1. Dhiram says:

      Tanya, we have designed the new layout keeping in mind the content and the feedback we received from  our users over the years. I am sorry that you do not like the new layout but we would love to have you on our blog. If there is anything in specific that you do not like about the new layout please let us know we can get it checked up.  

  2. Vic_taxi says:

    Hello.Where can I purchase the hello kitty pink bicycle?Thanks.Vic.

  3. Luis22mc says:

    hello , my name is Carlos
     First I live in Mexicali Mexico is border to the center california, I have lived over 20 years here on the border, he studied engineering job at a company but I have time to concern of putting a business here in Mexico looking at the page and I did very interesting products that put on this website such as the t cell that recharges the golden mouse, etc..The situation is that here in mexicali there a store that sells all these modern and functional items, I want whoever reads this comment and have the opportunity to purchase the article and I can sell or start a business concern in mexicali contact me, my email isluis22mc º hotmail.comregards

    1. MC-ELECTRONICS1 says:


  4. Ahmed says:

    From where I can buy the BARE Baby Bottle ?

    I need it in my country!!!

    Please leave a contact number so I can Call you to have discussion with you!!


  5. Dexer_45 says:

    From wehre I can this product?

  6. Amber says:

    I really want the michael jackson heels, I´m just in love with them but can you tell me where and how I can buy them?

  7. Arek says:

    Where could I buy the Pactime Clock? By Fabrico Silva? Please and thanks!

  8. DanChawel says:

    Iam trying to get some more awareness, feedback and testimonials for a new product on the market. It is getting a lot of attention in Canada, but i would like some exposure in the US
    anyone interested? check out www chawel com to find out more on this multi functional travel/beach towel (change room, neck pillow, blanket, sleeping bag, and more!)

  9. Design theft by HeadPlay

    Hello, my name is José María Andrés and I am the designer and owner of the character HeadPlay has stolen.

    I have left a comment in your web ( ) but I would thank you if you could edit your post to say they stole the design, or at least delete it because right now is giving them advertisement and sales of something stolen.My web is and on the main page you can see the original image I have been using to sell posters for the past two years featuring exactly that banana. In case you could have any doubt about this, this link will take you to the post where my image was first displayed, back in March 2009 ( I made this image being in the UK, and here one acquires the Copyright automatically once something is created. The only requirement in case of a trial is to be able to show you are the author, and in my case I have many GB to prove it.Thank you very much and here I am, in case you need any further information.José María Andrés Martí

  10. catty says:

    where can i get those mini fridges……………help

  11. Lindseywright39 says:

    Im sorry for leaving an unrelated comment, but your email address didnt work. My name is Lindsey and I have been reading your blog for the past few weeks. Do you accept guest posts? I have a topic that would strike your interest. Please, feel free to email me. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon

  12. Robledo says:

    Will you please tell me where I can get the Official Hello Kitty Helmet

  13. Robledo says:

    this is the Official Hello Kitty Helmet I was lookin for

  14. Doreen728 says:

    Is the Hello Kitty case on the link below a sleeve where you can store your ipad inside or just a hard shell for the outside?

  15. Karl says:

    Your site sucks if you actually want to order something or want links that work. Who runs this, a 10 year old? 

    1. Dhiram says:

      Karl, we try our best to feature the links selling the products. But many of the products have a very limited cycle and many small stores dont bother to update their stores once the product is sold out. This is the main reason for the links not working. 

  16. Lina says:

    Where can I buy the Incipio m&m case for iPod touch 4G that you mentioned in the article dated june 23

  17. Cherib1 says:

    where can i find the pink helo kitty asics?

  18. Jbaron05 says:

    How can I get that panda pen holder with USB fan? Must have !!!

  19. ruck says:

    Where can I find the giant tiara and the top hat? The lips and the bow tie would be bonus as well.

  20. Anonymous says:

    i have been following ur blog for quiet some time but must say the products are amazing and tempt them to buy all,but practically can u pls post more information as sometimes it seems half way and if can i join u for blog then update me for the same.
    thanks & regards

  21. Yafim Gisser says:

              From: Dr. Yafim Gisser
              e-mail: [email protected]
                       [email protected]               
      To whom it may concern
       Re:    “Device for Automatically Dispensing Chemicals in to a Toilet Water Tank”
    (Patent Application, Israel)
      Dear Sirs,
    I have developed a new device for automatically dispensing the detergent into the toilet water tank.
     This device is very portable and mounted in the free hole of the body of toilet tank. The weight of this device will be not exceeding 300 grams.
                It should be noted. The proposed device can be successfully applied for a long time
               for tanks with external mounting and for hidden toilet tanks.
    Capacity with the chemicals is attached to the device. Cleaning detergent with small amounts is dispensed automatically in to the water tank. One portion of detergent equals one water discharge. Capacity with the cleaning agent can be replaced once per year.  
    Exploitation of this device is quick and easy and it no need for special tools
    I believe that the company owns such an automatic device and a new cleaning liquid can get a significant market segment in North America and Europe
    This should take into notice that this device, other than residential premises, can be effectively used in areas with large concentrations of people: restaurants, cafes, schools, bus stations, airports, industrial plants, etc.
    Sale of cleaning fluid and a device for its dispensing can be done by major trade
    networks  (such as “Home Center”, “ACE”, etc.) that sell detergents, flushing cisterns and parts for them.
     Therefore, I appeal to you an invitation to participate in the expansion of patenting      the specified device, and to consider my offer to purchase a license to its production       and sell.
    Yafim Gisser

    1. Dhiram says:

      Sure thing. You can get in touch with her at – tips @ Or drop us a line on our Facebook page.

  22. Lenandie says:


    I’m interested in the standing baby bath. Please send me a quote (I live in South Africa).


  23. Heather says:

    I like the site overall! But frequently, when clicking to view a full article, or even just my cursor accidentally hovering over an ad (not clicking the ad), the site will reload to a random “Page not found,” always in the directory of /doubleclick. I think you need to check on the sensitivity of the triggering on some of your ads. Half the time I can’t even view the site because all it wants to do is load some unfound ad page.

  24. Peter Dolan says:

    Please advise who can supply Pioneer Vanity mirror into UK

  25. jessie says:

    you guys should definatly start selling, the stuff you have on this site i would get so much ! :)

    1. Dhiram says:

      Jessie for products that are available we place direct links to the stores selling them.

  26. Helena says:

    Hi, I bought the EARINALM product from Thanko and the instructions are in Japanese. The writer of the EARINALM blog sounded like they know how to work it. Can anyone help? I’ve searched for english instructions on t’internet but couldn’t find any. I’ve experimented with the three buttons and it sounds simple with just three buttons, but I need help.
    Would massively appreciate it if anyone could help. Thanks a million.
    Helena :)

  27. Addison Shelton says:

    Hi everyone,

    Please take a look at my Iphone case product and support us. Links follow at the end.

    Ever find yourself wanting to slice up a juicy steak but realize you don’t
    have your knife? Not a problem anymore with the TaskOne iphone case. This case
    combines a leatherman, bike tool and swiss-army knife into a sleek case for
    your phone. Now you can carry your toolkit with you everywhere you go for those
    quick fixes and repairs. The case includea a 2.5” knife and 15 other tools in
    its enclosure, and is already 50% funded on Indiegogo. The product was
    developed by a former Apple Engineer.

    More information is available at or
    contact Addison Shelton at 650-799-2421 or via email at [email protected]. Full press release at

  28. lyndsey says:

    my son loves the dinosaur trex bed…is it for sale? where do i find the info on it?

  29. anna says:

    do u have a store in canada