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Rilakkuma Condoms Are Cute. Period.

Cute condoms? Really? Yea it’s a fact as Japanese believe in slapping a cute characters face on everything and making it cute. In this case condoms are also no exception. Rilakkuma “Honey”..

Say Cheers on Delta Flights with Craft Beer

Flying Delta isn’t a joy ride for most; I’m guessing Delta knows that well and hence has taken a step to make your in-flight experience enjoyable. They are offering you as many..

Recycled Chritsmas Trees turned into Sexy Lingerie

Christmas trees are associated with a lot of things, festivities, decorations, celebrations and all things wonderful. No one must’ve ever thought it can be turned into lingerie. That’s definitely a better alternative..

Amp Your Style with Star Wars Bags

The Star Wars handbags are so stylish an wonderful they can give the Furlas of the world a run for their money. These bags are perfect for geeks or even their fashionable..