5 Dosa Recipe to Cook Under 10 Minutes

The traditional dosa recipe requires you to soak the rice and lentils overnight and then grinding these ingredients to a fine paste. That mixture is again left out for another 5-6 hours to get a perfect, fermented dosa batter. Although not a complex recipe, for the busy bees the task of soaking and grindings the grains can be tedious. Therefore, we bring to you 5 easy dosa recipes that can be prepared under 10 minutes.

Recipe # 1 Ragi Dosa
– This is a no grind dosa recipe that requires the following ingredients –
– 1 cup Ragi or Finger millet flour
– Salt
– Curd for fermenting
– 2 table spoon besan or chickpea flour

Mix the above ingredients and accordingly add water to get the consistency of a dosa mixture. Keep this mixture aside for 5 minutes. When it comes to spreading, and cooking the batter, you can try the traditional technique or use a dosa maker. Modern, smart appliance like Dosa and Chilla maker from Kent is a unique and useful product. This dosa maker is very simple to use and will help you make ragi dosa like a pro.

Recipe # 2 Rice Flour Dosa
– As the name suggests, this dosa is made from rice flour. Here is the list of ingredients you will be requiring for the recipe
– 1 cup rice flour
– Salt to taste
– 1 teaspoon baking soda
– Mustard seeds, curry leaves and cumin seed for seasoning
– Oil

Place the rice flour in a bowl. Now add salt and baking soda. Mix water so that you can get the batter to the consistency of dosa mixture. Keep it aside for few minutes. In a pan add a teaspoon of oil. Now, add the mustard seed, curry leaves and cumin seeds. Put this seasoning in the mixture. Now, go ahead prepare the dosa.

Recipe # 3 Rava Dosa
Rava dosa is a delightful crispy breakfast choice that tastes best with coconut chutney. Below is the list of things you will be requiring for the recipe –
– 1 cup Rava or semolina
– 1 cup Rice flour
– ½ cup All-purpose flour
– Cumin seeds
– Salt

Combine the rava, rice flour and all-purpose flour in the bowl. Add water till you get the batter to the right, spreadable consistency. Now, add cumin seed and salt to the batter. Prepare the dosa on a hot non-stick surface pan or tava or automate the process by using the dosa maker. This is a very versatile recipe and you can add different kinds of fillings.

Recipe # 4 Multi grain dosa
There are various ways to prepare nutritious multi-grain dosa. But today, we will be sharing the instant recipe for the dosa. For this recipe you will be needing the following ingredients
– 1 cup rice flour
– ½ cup oat meal
– ½ cup ragi flour
– ½ cup semolina
– Fenugreek or methi powder
– Salt to taste
– Cumin seeds

Mix all the above ingredients to the right consistency. Let the batter sit aside for a few minutes. After that prepare the dosa as you like. This is an ideal and filing breakfast. If you are diet conscious or you suffer from diabetes or cholesterol problem, you should try this recipe.

Recipe #5 Curd Dosa
This is a very interesting recipe. The primary base for this recipe is curd and semolina or sooji. Take a note of the ingredients –
– 1 cup curd
– 1 cup semolina
– Salt to taste
– Curry leaves
– Mustard seeds
– Cumin seeds
– Finely chopped onions

First mix curd and semolina together. Do not add any water. Now add the salt. Put aside this mixture. Heat a tava, spread this mixture on it. Top it with onion, curry leaves, cumin and mustard seeds. Now flip it over and cook the side with topping. Once crispy on both sides, serve it with chutney or sambar.

With these easy to prepare dosa, your breakfast table will no longer look boring and repetitive. If you want to make your weekend meals to be fun and quick do try these recipes

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