Opening Your Own E-Commerce Site

The face of being your own boss changes all the time. At one time, you would open your store and offer your products and services to the local area. Now we have the glory of the internet and it allows us to open a virtual store and sell anywhere we want to. With it being that simple, it would be easy to make money, right? No, there is still so much to do and to consider! 

To help out, here is some starter information to get your foot in the door and work your way to a major success:

What Will You Sell?

If you have a service or create products, it’s a no-brainer. Some of us, however, look to be a provider of products and that is where it can get confusing. Not only do you want items to sell like crazy, you really should be excited about what it is your selling. Look to what you are passionate about! Meanwhile, here are some ideas you can look through and see what stands out to you:

  • Makeup and makeup tools
  • Beauty supplies
  • Rare comic books and/or sports memorabilia
  • Musical instruments and accessories
  • Home gym equipment
  • Fashion and fashion accessories
  • Healthy supplements
  • Home décor

Start Up Cash

You may not be opening a brick and mortar shop, but you still need startup capital! This may be in the form of out-of-pocket cash or a small business loan. Here is what that startup cash can help cover:

The Right Site

There are lots of webhosts that can provide you an e-commerce website. The important thing is to compare the services and ask around on who would be a good fit for you. You most certainly want a website that recovers quickly during downtimes and has minimal downtimes. You want something that is very easy for you to use and easy for your clientele to navigate. It also needs to be affordable! Paying too much will hit your profit margin too hard and can close you down quickly.

Gather Your Team

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You may be the only one running the show, but you still have a team of people you work with. The supplier of your merchandise, the webhost, and even any small business mentor you may get help from. E-mail is a popular way to keep in touch but there are other ways to keep in touch with your team. Consider using a video chat, like Skype, or conference calls to keep everyone on the same page and eliminate how much time you are spending in communications.

Shipping Is Important

Unless you are using a drop shipper, you are going to have to learn the ins and outs of shipping. Not all shipping vendors are the same, nor are they perfect for you. Learning how they charge their fees and what they charge for is important. Compare, compare, compare, and then compare some more. You want to be sure you are using the best service available to you!

Starting an e-commerce site is super easy. Maintaining it and making it a success is where the work comes in. If you are selling what you are passionate about, you will be able to stay motivated to make it a happy venture in your life. Don’t quit your day job right away, you have to give your site a chance to gain popularity and make some real sales. The general rule of thumb is that it takes two years for a store to become successful and gain a profit. Keep your head up, move forward, be flexible, and you will probably see a major success in your new business. 

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