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Henry Ford said, ‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’ But just how much of successful teamwork can be managed when your team is spread out in different regions or managing different tasks and targets?

To get work done efficiently, seamlessly and as a team, you need one very efficient binding factor. This is where Conference Calling comes into the picture and beautifies it like none other. For emerging or established businesses, for teams that work together from different zones and parts of the globe, for travelling partners and startups, everyone can use the benefits that Conference Calling has to offer. It is most certainly the fastest, easiest and unlimited conference calling option for your team.

To improve communication and save time for you and your team, here is a list of the features that impressed us:

Services: every team is different, every individual is different, and everyone requires different features to suit their own needs. Conference Calling has got something in store for everyone and every style of working. You can opt for instant conference calls, operator-assisted calls, international access and also screen sharing.

Instant Calls: If connecting instantly isn’t the greatest thing then what is? With the instant conference call feature you can host regular conference calls whenever you need without pre-scheduling or operator assistance.

Screen sharing: This has got to be one of the best features for a team of globetrotters or one which is separated by designated tasks. The screen sharing feature makes it seem like you are all working at the same table. It’s easy to collaborate with people anywhere in your global network. You can run online meetings instantly or schedule them well in advance and show anything on your desktop in real-time.

Recording Conference calls: Remembering each and every detail of a call cannot be achievable every time. Don’t let the anxiety of forgetting an important detail creep in. Record your conference calls free of charge and you can play, pause, rewind and fast-forward through recordings from your archive dashboard. These recorded conference calls can also be used as an effective promotion and marketing tool on social media.

Personal touch: While the conference call service provides you with excellent, trained and talented operators, the fact of the matter is, it’s your conference call and a personal touch goes a long way. Conference Calling lets their users create their own greeting for free or to send a script and have a professional voice-over talent record the custom welcome message for you. That’s unique and a great way of creating a good first impression.

Money matters: Conference Calling is nothing if not flexible. The service caters to all kinds of people and all kinds of preferences. Whether you want to pay monthly or per-use, it’s up to you. Pricing for Conference Calling is simple and transparent, letting you know exactly how much you’re paying.

Operator-assisted conference calls: This feature is imperative for a formal setting and can be used for investor calls, legal proceedings and critically important business. The feature takes your business seriously and hence provides professional, courteous operators to welcome and identify callers.

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